Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God Of War Creator Confirms Three PS3 Exclusives.

David Jaffe confirmed in an interview with GamePro that Eat Sleep Play's three upcoming games would in fact be original PS3 exclusives.

Jaffe clarified statements that in addition to the Twisted Metal: Head-On port for PS2, his new independent studio of 20 employees will concurrently be working on the first of three original games exclusively for PlayStation 3.

I can't disclose themes," Jaffe said, "but the new game is medium to hardcore in terms of game play and will focus heavily on multiplayer".

"I am more excited about this game than anything I have ever worked on. I cannot wait to unveil it," Jaffed added from Eat Sleep Play headquarters in Salt Lake City.

The three new games will either be on Blu-ray disc or as downloadable titles depending on how Sony decides to distribute the games. The first unnamed title is expected sometime in 2008.

Eat Sleep Play was founded in July by David Jaffe and Scott Campbell both formerly of Sony Studios. Combined, they are responsible for such titles as God of War and Twisted Metal.


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