Thursday, November 29, 2007

EU & US PlayStation Store Update 29th Nov 2007

EU PlayStation Store Update:

Game Demo's:
TimeShift Multiplayer demo (free)

PSone Classics:
Destruction Derby (£3.49)
Kula World (£3.49)

MotorStorm Crazy Samurai & Quick Foot Liveries (£1.49)
Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack 2 (£2.99)
Sonic - Very Hard Sonic Mission (£1.49)
Sonic - Very Hard Shadow Mission (£1.49)
Sonic - Very Hard Silver Mission (£1.49)
Sonic - Boss Attack Shadow (£1.49)
Sonic - Boss Attack Silver (£1.49)
Sonic -Team Attack Amigo (£1.49)

Game Video's:
Assassins's Creed "Altair Was Here" trailer (free)
Blazing Angels 2 "Racing Trailer" (free)
PAIN Video (free)
Smackdown vs RAW 2008 Video (free)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune "Making the Game" video (free)
This Is Living: Blu-ray (free)
This Is Living: Gaming (free)
This Is Living: Evolving Entertainment (free)
This Is Living: Faster Processing (free)
This Is Living: TheMaking Of (free)

US PlayStation Store Update:

Full Games:
PAIN ($9.99)

Game Demo's:
TimeShift Multiplayer Demo (free)

Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack #2 ($4.99)
Motorstorm Vehicle & Skin Pack ($1.99)
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Boss Battles Track Pack ($)
Rock Band David Bowie Pack 1 ($)

Game Trailers:
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction BTS - Weapons (free)
TimeShift FPS Video 2 (free)

Theatrical Trailers:
Stop Loss trailer (free)

Blu-Ray Disc Trailers:
Memoirs of a Geisha trailer (free)
Resident Evil: Extinction trailer (free)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blu-ray Format Dominating In Europe

300, Casino Royale top titles

The Blu-ray format is outselling rival HD DVD in Europe, accounting for 73 per cent of all HD movies sold.

According to the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee, sales recently broke the 1 million barrier. That's not counting PlayStation 3 game, which adds another 20 million units to Blu-ray disc production for sale in Europe.

HD DVD was developed by Toshiba, while Sony backs the Blu-ray standard. Microsoft's Xbox 360 offers an add-on HD DVD movie player; Blu-ray disc playback is standard in every model of Sony's PS3.

Of the high definition movie discs bought by consumers so far this year in Europe, 73 per cent were in the Blu-ray Disc format and 27 per cent were HD DVD, according to sales data provided by Media Control Gfk International.

The Blu-ray Disc Association said the best-selling titles in the Blu-ray format were 300, Casino Royale, Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

In the US, Blu-ray disc movies had outsold HD DVD movies by almost two-to-one during the first nine months of 2007 according to Home Media Research.


Uk Broadband Provider Offering A Free PS3 - Deal Or No Deal?

The carphonewarehouse is offering a free 40GB PS3 and the Ratchet & Clank game if you join AOL broadband. Its subject to the area you live in though and you must sign up to a 24 month contract for £19.99 a month and pay for delivery of the console of £14.99.

So for about £500 you get 2 years broadband connection and a PS3 guaranteed for Christmas if you order before the 17th December. Deal or no deal? You could also opt for a Dell laptop instead.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Diamond Encrusted Playstation Controller

Rich gamers want bling too, you know, and they only want to play with the very best of gaming equipment. So both of those statements might be true (I admit I don't really know) but I doubt either of them refers to bling or equipment like this diamond encrusted Sony Playstation controller.
Made up of solid 18k white gold and over 68ct in black diamonds it's actually a pendant meant to be worn on a chain.
Yes, because that makes it all better.
No word on how much this little beauty is worth -- the owner claims it was a gift.

PS3 Sales Boost Sony Share Prices

Expensive PS3 production, among other things, has made Sony the topic of some not-so-ideal financial reports of late, but things are finally looking up as the Tokyo-based company sees a sharp rise in share prices on Tuesday.

Sony's stock prices shot up 4.54 percent (250 yen) to close at 5,750 yen - said to be thanks to the recent boost in PS3 sales and a deal that saw the Dubai state fund invest up to $500 million in the company.

Koya Tabata, an analyst at Credit Suisse, spotted the obvious: "The news of brisk PS3 sales in North America apparently had an effect on Sony shares".

Conversely, Nintendo shares dropped by 800 Yen (1.28 percent) to 61,700, while Wii remains widely sold out in the major territories worldwide.

For those that don't understand, Sony's doing 'aight'.


Nintendo, Microsoft Shamed By Greenpeace Survey

Console manufacturers "completely fail to show environmental credentials"

Greenpeace has publicly shamed Nintendo and Microsoft for lacking any environmental credentials when it comes to electronic waste.

The latest Greener Electronics Guide sees Nintendo become the first company to score 0/10 for its policies and practices on toxic chemicals and takeback.

"The Greener Electronics Guide is our way of getting the electronics industry to face up to the problem of e-waste," detailed Greenpeace.

"Nintendo completely fails to show any environmental credentials and Microsoft and Philips do little better," said the organisation, which for the first time is including home consoles and TVs in the report, alongside PCs and mobile phones.

"Companies shouldn't be under any illusions that we won't check up on their claims of green greatness," commented Iza Kruszewska, campaigner for Greenpeace International.

Greenpeace ranks companies on two criteria – the clean up of products by eliminating hazardous substances and the takeback and recycling of products once they become obsolete.

With no voluntary takeback of products, no information on banned products, no information on how the company communicates with its supply chain and no policy on use of vinyl plastics, Greenpeace notes that Nintendo scores so badly there is "infinite room for improvement".

Microsoft scored 2.7/10, with points for chemical management and for setting a timeline to phase out PVCs by 2011.

Sony scores much better than its rivals, with 7.3/10, although this covers the whole of the electronics company's products. With no mention of the PS3, it's noted that Sony produces many products that are free from PVC including the VAIO notebook, Walkman, camcorders and digital cameras.

Other companies featured in the Greener Electronics Guide include Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Dell, Panasonic and Apple.


PS3's RSX Shrinks Next Month

According to a report from Nikkei late last week, Toshiba is planning on switching manufacturing of the PlayStation 3's RSX graphics processor to a 65nm process next month. Currently, the chip is manufacturing using a 90nm process, the same as it's been since the system's launch.

A smaller die size for the chip can mean cheaper production costs and less heat, contributing to lower prices for the consumer, and a quieter, more reliable PS3 system.

The latest versions of the system's Cell CPU are being manufactured using a 65nm process. It is widely believed that the switch to 65nm for the Cell is one of the main reasons Sony was able to drop the PS3's price down to $399 in time for the holidays.

Nikkei also reports that Toshiba is planning on beginning manufacturing at 45nm in the latter half of the next fiscal year, and speculates that the RSX and other PlayStation 3 chips are prime candidates for the new line.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Warhawk Expansion Pack Coming Soon!

Three Speech just got a press release from Sony announcing the forthcoming expansion pack for Warhawk which is going by the name ‘Operation: Omega Dawn’. Genius. There’s a brand new map and a new aircraft, the KT-424 Combat Dropship, with the operation being set at night to add to the tension.

With Operation: Omega Dawn, the war between the Eucadians and the Chernovans forces continues as the two countries fight to control the high-tech facilities of a critical new battlefield – the Omega Factory. The battle takes place in an entirely new world - an industrial night-time setting where players will fight through five new layouts of advanced building complexes and huge industrial towers. The new map supports all existing game modes – including Team Deathmatch, Zone Mode and Capture the Flag – and is the largest combat zone to date for Warhawk!

All this in one single download from PlayStation Network this December.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gamer TV Special - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune For PS3

Fresh from UK TV screens here is the GamerTV special on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, showing new footage and gameplay info.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

New Third Party PS3 Controller Revealed

If the introduction of the DualShock 3 was not enough, there is now more to the PlayStation 3 controller saga. Thrustmaster, a company known for their 3rd Party video game peripherals have released what seems to be the ultimate PS3 controller.
The features for the controller are as followed:
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller
  • 7 Progressive Axes, which is exclusive on all platforms
  • Optical Wheel with self-centring feature.
  • Dual Triggers which are progressive and programmable
  • Playable on the PS3, PS2, and PC platforms
  • 'Home' Button for the PS3
  • Fully Programmable as the mini-sticks, directional buttons, optical wheel and triggers can be fully swapped.
  • Internal Memory that stores all programmed button layouts, even when the controller is disconnected
  • Vibration feature on the PS2 with two vibration motors.

The controller seems like a nice addition to the DualShock 3, but it is doubted that this will be anything worthy of a purchase. There is no official price set for the controller or release date. However, it is unique and should be considered as a purchase later on down the road.


Friday, November 02, 2007

EU & US PlayStation Store Update 1st Oct 2007

EU PlayStation Store Update:

Full Games:
Tori Emaki - £1.99
Feel Ski - £4.99
Mesmerize - £1.99

Game Demos:
Juiced 2: HIN
PES 2008

Game Video's:
Motorstorm Revenge Weekend Trailer
PS Eye Trailer Lair Trailer
Uncharted Behind The Scenes
Eye Of Judgement Trailers

Movie & Blu-ray Trailers:
Alien vs Predator requiem
Hitman Movie Trailer

Uncharted Wallpaper

US PlayStation Store Update:

PS3/PSP Games:
Twisted Metal 2

Game Demos:
NFS: ProStreet

Add On:
The Godfather

Game Video's:
Uncharted "Massive" trailer
GT5 Prologue TGS video
NFS ProStreet TV spot
Burnout "Annihilator" trailer
Burnout "Hawker" trailer
Burnout "Roadster" trailer
Beowulf the game trailer
Playstation Eye video

Movie & Blu-ray Trailers:
The Bucket List trailer
Close Encounters BD trailer