Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PS3 Firmware 3.21 Coming April 1st

Posted on 29 March by Charlotte Panther – Head of PR, SCEE

PS3 Firmware 3.21 will be available this Thursday. It will disable the “Install Other OS” feature that was available on the PS3 systems prior to the current slimmer models, launched in September 2009. This feature enabled users to install an operating system, but due to security concerns, we’re now removing this feature.

For most of you, this won’t have any impact on how you use your PS3. If you are one of the few who use the “Other OS” feature, or if you belong to an organisation that does, then you can choose not to upgrade your system. However, doing so will mean that the following features will not be available:

  • Ability to sign in to PlayStation Network and use network features that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features of PS3 games and chat.
  • Playback of PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require PS3 system software version 3.21 or later.
  • Playback of copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings).
  • Use of new features and improvements that are available on PS3 system software 3.21 or later.
If you currently use the “Other OS” feature and you wish to update to system software 3.21, make sure you back-up any data stored within the hard drive partition used by the “Other OS,” as they will not be able to access that data following the update.


PS3 Hacker 'GeoHot' Gives Out Flawed Advice, Rendering Game Playing Useless

Self proclaimed PS3 hacker has stated that 60Gb Phat owners that want to keep the 'OTHER OS' feature, NOT to update firmware to 3.21. Next update is expected on April 1st, and will remove the OTHER OS feature that allowed the Linux to be installed and the expolit to be used. The feature is been removed cause Sony fear a security breach, that could lead to PS3 Piracy.

Taking Geohot advice and NOT upgrading would render your PS3 useless. As Sony stated that update 3.21 is required to play games, Blu-ray's and use PSN features. I personally wouldn't hold my breath that a 'Custom Firmware' comes anytime soon.

Whilst it's annoying that Sony has to resort to removing features, I understand Sony are only protecting it's interests from Piracy brought on by Geohots illegal hacking of the PS3.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FirstPlay For PlayStation To Launch April 8th

Europe's first on-console show FirstPlay will launch its first weekly episode on Thursday April 8 on the PlayStation, bringing high definition video reviews and previews every week, plus exclusive downloadable content and much more.

Brought about by TechRadar's publisher Future, FirstPlay will be available to UK gamers through Sony's PlayStation 3 console from the PlayStation Network for 99p an episode or £8.99 for a 90-day subscription.

Tim Clark, Editor-in-Chief of FirstPlay, said: "We're tremendously excited to be finally launching FirstPlay, and to be bringing our brand of editorial direct to PS3 owners on their consoles.


"It will be an evolving service, but our focus will always be showing gamers the most exciting things on PlayStation systems," he added.

Highlights in the first episode include a review of Just Cause 2 – rewarding viewers with an exclusive in-game item for use by Rico Rodriquez as well as Sony's God of War III – and a first-look at EA's Fifa World Cup 2010.

Plus, there's an interactive gallery function, including screenshots and artwork from Formula One 2010, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Red Dead Redemption.

"Gamers can use each image as an XMB background wallpaper and also find out more about the games thanks to the accompanying audio captions," add the press release.

"With a vast variety of content available through the PlayStation Network, FirstPlay's Network Highlights section brings a round-up of the latest PlayStation Minis, films and digital comics in a weekly package".


Saturday, March 27, 2010

God of War 3 Update 1.01 Patch Released

Next time you play God Of War 3 you will be prompted to download patch, weighing in at 5377KB it fixes issues with wireless controllers that many users were having.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fat Princess Patch 1.05 hits today!

Patch 1.05 adds two new maps for all to enjoy; 'Candy Mountain' and 'Frostbite'. The patchalso fixes a handful of issues, including the infamous “Warrior Shield Glitch” among others.

Playlogic Working To Develop Motion-Enabled Products For PS3

Playlogic Entertainment, an independent worldwide publisher of entertainment software, announced today that its internal development studio, Playlogic Game Factory, is already hard at work developing new motion control enabled products with Sony Computer Entertainment for the Playstation 3 and Move.

Playlogic Game Factory, located in Breda, The Netherlands has worked on a great number of SCEE licenses in the past such as EyeToy Play: PomPom Party for PlayStation 2, Aqua Vita, Tori Emaki, Mesmerise, and most recently EyePet for PlayStation 3.

Executive Vice President of Playlogic, Rogier Smit said: “We have increased the team size dedicated to these new projects to accommodate the extension of our partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. We have proved to Sony over the past 5 years that our team has the skills they require and we will continue to deliver the quality Playlogic Game Factory is known for”.


Who Would You Choose To Play 'Kratos' In A God Of War Movie?

In a rececent interview, God of War III devs were asked who they would choose to play Kratos in a God of War movie. They suggested Ed Norton (if he could bulk up again) and Russel Crowe. Senior designer, Jonathan Hawkins, pointed out that the actor would need to understand the inner workings of the Kratos as a character.

Who do you think would be most suited to the role?


Rumor: PS3 To Get ManHunt 3 Exclusive For Playstation MOVE

There's been a lot of speculation over the last couple days about an upcoming announcement from Sony at this year's E3 conference regarding a major exclusive. While we doubt the news others are getting from TakeTwo and Rockstar Games is the "big exclusive", it's still pretty interesting news.

There have been murmurs about ManHunt 3 since the highly controversial release of ManHunt 2 for the Wii and PS2. Now it appears the most recent rumor out of Rockstar's parent company TakeTwo is that we can expect an announcement this summer.

From what is been reported on the net, the game will be PS3 exclusive and utilize the Playstation 3's upcoming Move add-on. It definitely makes sense since the PS3 would be a perfect fit for the ManHunt sequel. And with the rumored plan to use the Move hardware, the latest version could give PS3 gamer's more functionality than was available in the Wii version of ManHunt 2.

Even though this is coming from a trusted source, we're not going to start practicing our air strangling just yet. It all makes sense, but for now we're going to file this under rumors until something more concrete comes to light.


UK Game Industry To Get Tax Relief

The UK Government is to adopt a tax relief plan put forward by games developer association TIGA.

The plan will offer financial incentives to companies making games that fit certain cultural criteria. Developers who make profitable games will pay less tax on their profits, and the studios behind unsuccessful games will get a tax credit to reduce losses.

"Games tax relief will increase employment, investment and innovation in the UK videogames sector," said TIGA boss Richard Wilson.

"Our research shows that games tax relief over a five year period should create or protect 3550 graduate level jobs, increase or safeguard £457 million in development expenditure and encourage developers to adopt new business models and create new intellectual property".

To qualify, companies must fall within the scope of UK corporation tax. They must also pass a cultural test scoring against a criteria that looks at European heritage, languages, game locations, innovation, narrative and the location of the development and development staff.

The news was announced yesterday by Chancellor Alistair Darling. The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association welcomed the news, with chairman Andy Payne stating, "It is absolutely heartening news to hear that the Chancellor has offered support for one of the country’s leading creative digital businesses. This is a very significant day for the computer and videogames business in the UK".

"Videogames are the Hollywood of the 21st century," added Wilson. "With games tax relief in place, the UK is guaranteed a leading and successful role".


Rumour: Michael Jackson Video Game Coming To PS3

The King Of Pop may be coming to PS3 - after Sony snapped up the rights to a Michael Jackson video game.

Video game rights were included in Sony's $200m purchase of MJ's estate last week.

According to reports, the deal gives Sony free reign to use Michael Jackson's released and unreleased material. The Independent reports it includes the right to release ten new Michael Jackson albums, video games and DVDs between now and 2017.

Of course, the most likely release is an MJ Singstar - but PS3 Move could well come into the equation.

Following the deal, Rob Stringer, chairman of the Columbia Epic division of Sony said: "There may be theatre. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games".

Jacko's no stranger to video games - with his own Moonwalker becoming a particular cult hit.

Sony released an no stranger to video gamesMJ PS3 bundle in Japan in January.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom Soundtracks Confirmed For ModNation Racers

Chuck Lacson, the Associate Product Marketing Manager of SCEA, confirms that the upcoming Playstation 3 racing game 'ModNation Racers' will support custom soundtracks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LittleBigPlanet 2 Is In Development And Supports MOVE

Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux, in person of Marketing Manager Folkert Langeveld, has confirmed that SCE has LittleBigPlanet 2 in development. On top of that, Langeveld confirms that the game will feature Move-support.

In the same interview, a few other Move-support games are mentioned, Flower and SOCOM 4 amongst them.

Rumour: New Gran Turismo 5 Demo Incoming........

According to NeoGAF poster, a new demo is on PSN but it's not available currently to the public audience.

This member has impeccable credibility and this demo is definitely available on PSN, though it may only be available for a select group of people at the current time. He later states that this demo may be used for media events only, but that is speculation on his part, as of now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

CBS And Sony Open 3D Consumer Research Center

Sony continues to evolve and further their research towards 3-D technology.Together with CBS, Sony has unveiled the Sony 3D Experience, showing the seriousness of 3D for the future of home entertainment.

The research center aims to be an educational experience not only for consumers, but Sony themselves who will get feedback from visitors.

Sony is promoting 3D not only in cinemas and home theaters, but also with BluRay, and yes, the PS3.

The future of gaming is evolving right before our eyes and Sony has shown a constant effort to lead this technological push. If you are planning to go to Las Vegas anytime soon be sure to check out this Research Center.

Infinty Ward: Double XP Weekend Confirmed For PS3 Modern Warfare 2, Date Unknown

Robert Bowling, Community Relations Manager for Infinity Ward, writes via Twitter:

"Yeah, PS3 will also get Double XP when DLC hits PSN, although that comes later. When it's dated, I'll let you know".

Final Fantasy XIII Officially Confirmed As UK's Fastest-Selling Game In 2010

Square Enix Europe has announced that Final Fantasy XIII has officially become the fastest selling UK game of 2010 so far, according to GFK Chart-track. The news comes on the heels of the announcement last week that the sell-in shipment of the game has exceeded the five million unit milestone worldwide.

Sony annouces 'God Of War Collection' For Europe

Sony’s just announced that the God Of War Collection – a single PS3 blu-ray containing remastered versions of God Of War I & II – will launch in the UK on April 30th (28th for mainland Europe).

Very strange for SCEE to release the game so late after God Of War III but, better late than never, right?

Sony also confirmed that a 'Trilogy Boxset' will launch in the same window, containing the Collection and God Of War III.

Sony: We Won't Charge For PSN Until We Can Justify It

Sony has revealed some good news. This is that it will NOT charge for PSN until it can actually justify charging for the service.

So Sony's going to have to add some more compelling features before they even bring such a plan to action.

Kratos Is God Of UK Charts

God of War III has released in the UK this past week to claim the top spot on Chart Track’s Software Sales chart for the region, crushing the likes of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Final Fantasy XIII ‘neath its boot.

It marks Sony's second top-spot victory in as many months, with Heavy Rain achieving the same in February. Kratos' latest adventure outsold God of War II's launch by a ratio of 2.65 to 1.

The Top Ten All Format UK Software Sales Chart follows below:

•1.) God of War III (SCE)
•2.) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (EA)
•3.) Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)
•4.) Just Dance (Ubisoft)
•5.) Metro 2033 (THQ)
•6.) Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo)
•7.) Heavy Rain (SCE)
•8.) Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo)
•9.) Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (SEGA)
•10.) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision Blizzard)

PS3 Central: God Of War 3 Review

The story starts off directly where God Of War 2 left off, which Kratos on Gaia, who is climbing Mount Olympus with the rest of the Titans. The goal, to destroy Zeus, quickly takes a different turn though and Kratos is forced to jump through more loops to have his vengeance. While the overall scheme of things works well, the plot can become a bit muddled during the last quarter of the game. I will state though, that the ending is a hit or miss. Some will hate it, others will love it. I personally felt it was done right, maybe not good, but proper. It was the ending the series needed I believe. Just make sure you watch all of the credits.

Character interaction is vastly improved. Kratos is developed surprisingly well in this title, and shows he still retains a piece of humanity at his core. There are also conversations and chats between him and other characters, rather than Kratos expressing his rage then blindly killing everything. Overall, the plot and characters are a huge improvement over the previous titles of the series.

The game boasts a lot of replayability, especially in comparison to God of War 1 and 2. You can now collect items in the game, which are carried over to other saves, that give you abilities. Abilities such as unlimited magic, a third of received damage not being received, and gaining 10X the amount of red orbs. For fans of hack and slashers, or just most gamers in general, between the fantastic campaign and the unlockables, there is a great amount of replayability.

-Extra Notes-
The game runs at a very smooth framerate from between 30 and 60FPS. I can safely say I’ve seen seen a framerate drop of any kind. The loading screens are also fairly minimal, and there are no loading screens when transitioning between scenes and areas of the game. There are times when the screen will fade to black for a spare moment, but it shouldn’t bother anyone.

The animations in come parts could have been polished a lot more, but overall they are fine. I also wish there were more challenge rooms and unlockables, but it’s a small complaint.

~Final Thoughts~
One of the best games of this generation, or of all games. The campaign will blow you away, and it offers good amounts of replayability. Far better than the previous GoW titles, and it pretty much prefects everything about the series. Well worth the 60$$. Go buy the game. Now.

If I was forced to give it an overall score (I detest the score system), I’d rate it a very solid 9.5.

Credit goes to Nerevar

Thank you

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Uncharted 2 Picks Up FOUR Awards At BAFTA's

So the Brits recently held the Games BAFTA's and Uncharted 2 was a big winner scoring a total of four awards. However the best game award went to Batman as well as best gameplay. The latter awards are arguably the best ones, so Naughty Dog may be a bit disappointed with their offerings.

Check out the full list below:

Best Game:
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Family and Social:
Wii Sports Resort

Use of Online:

Use of Audio:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


GAME Award of 2010:
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Empire: Total War

Original score:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Left 4 Dead 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

BAFTA one’s to watch award, in association with Dare to Be Digital:

Artistic achievement:

Sony Europe Request GTA IV DLC Changes, Suffers Delay

Due to a request by Sony Europe to make some minor content changes to the PAL PS3 version of the game, Rockstar Games has moved the release dates of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City (PC/PS3) and the two downloadable episodes Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (GFWL / PSN) to April 13 for North America and April 16 for all other countries.

A PR associate from Rockstar continued to tell us the following:

"Despite our best efforts to work through this quickly, the two weeks were needed to complete submission. We understand and sympathise with the fans that will be upset by this delay. We want to assure our fans that the minor changes made to the game will not affect the gamers enjoyment of the games, these will not affect any gameplay elements and were not related to any local ratings requirements".


Crytek: Crysis 2 Will Look Beautiful On PS3

According to reports, Crytek has told the OPM that Crysis 2 will look beautiful on the PS3. And of course we wouldn't expect anything less from this franchise that looked so pretty on the PC platform.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sony Launches 'PlayStation MOVE' Website

Sony Corp. this week launched a new website division for the Playstation Move motion controller to be released for the Playstation 3.

The Playstation Move website includes a basic overview of the product, game lineup, and video developer diaries.

Molyneux On Heavy Rain: "Absolutely Brilliant"

Many will agree that Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is an example of the future of gaming; that it represents a mature, intelligent, innovative step forward for the industry.

Well, designer Peter Molyneux certainly agrees. PlayStation fans aren't always on board with this guy, as he typically spearheads games that simply don't arrive for Sony's consoles, but his experience is undeniable. In regards to Heavy Rain, Molyneux says the game is "absolutely brilliant." He even admits to being so emotionally affected by the experience that he simply couldn't continue. As summarized by Joystiq, Molyneux offered these candid thoughts in an interview with Frank Rose at SXSW this week:

"I recommend anyone who wants to start to see the first glimpses of the future of video games to go out and buy it. But, personally, I could not bring myself to play more than 90 minutes, because the world that was there was so dark and so emotionally involving I felt emotionally beaten up.

But there's no question in my mind that games like Heavy Rain -- games that have a new fidelity in the way that they present their experiences; obviously made with cinematography and motion capture in mind -- can really show the way forward to a new form of entertainment, which is evolving the story and choices and consequences".

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. And this only proves that excellent entertainment experiences can have a profound impact on just about everyone, and something like Heavy Rain will continue to influence developers for quite some time. Molyneux also complimented Quantic Dream on the design of the game in question, saying the QTEs "really meant that you had to pay attention all the time because you didn't know whether these quick-time events were going to come up." He also says that what the team does with Heavy Rain is "really revolutionary".

We may not get Fable on the PS3 but an exclusive title certainly managed to impress a guy who routinely embraces the Xbox 360. Platforms are irrelevant in the face of brilliance.


video: Friends Really Against Grenade Spam

New Video Walkthrough Of '3D Dot Game Heroes'

3D Dot Game Heroes is an interesting take on the retro revival as it's more of a retro roast. It's a mash-up of classic adventure and RPG games (mostly The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest) and pokes fun at several other franchises. You don't have to be a big retro fan to get all the jokes though, as half of them are sword-as-penis jokes, which never go out of fashion.

In his new video walkthrough of the game, Atlus PR Manager Aram Jabbari says it has over 100 loading screens that all parody classic games. "If it's an 8 or 16-bit classic that you grew up on, odds are that this game lampoons it and pays dear respect to it." He also spends a good amount of the video talking about the amazing graphics and how it takes full power and full advantage of the PlayStation 3.

3D Dot Game Heroes will be available on May 11th in North America for what Jabbari calls "the super-duper awesome price of $39.99". It will be available in Europe on May 14th.

Sony: "Several Bundles" Coming For PlayStation Move

At their GDC press conference, Sony announced that they will be selling a bundle consisting of a PlayStation Eye, a PlayStation Move and a motion-controlled game. Kyle Shubel, managing producer at Sony has now clarified what was meant by that stating that there will be "several bundles."

"We are going to have several bundles that encompass the major tiers. For example, if you're looking at SOCOM being a hardcore game, and Eyepet being a family game, and Move party being a social game, those may be the three bundles," said Shubel.

He was quick to note that these were not the exact details regarding the bundles, but that there will be bundles which appeal to different audiences, and no one will be forced to buy a bundled game that they do not like.

PS3 Sold Out In Europe Too, Not Just North America

Ahh, the power of God of War III! It looks like there are PS3 shortages in Europe as well as the US.

A number of online retailers in the UK including GAME, Gameplay and ARGOS are indicating they have no stock of the console right now!

Bug Or feature? Complete God of War Trilogy Soundtrack Is Available For Free Download

Either it is a nice feature, or someone at Sony has just created a very big bug.

The full soundtrack of God of War can be downloaded directly (and free) via the official GOW III website!

God of War Trilogy Soundtrack

God of War – Blood & Metal EP

Grab it while you can............


Aliens vs Predator Console Versions Getting Patched

Patches for Aliens vs Predator's home console versions are on the way, Rebellion confirmed yesterday. No date yet, but the studio did provide a few details.

Along with the numerous balancing and weapon tweaks being introduced in the patch is the removal of long waiting times reported by some Xbox 360 players when searching for a ranked match. There's also improved support for southpaw players, improved team balancing logic for applicable modes, and a fix for XP being incorrectly affected by offline play.

"We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to AVP and want our fans to know if it’s within our power to keep them happy through on-going support then we shall do so," said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

"Some things just can’t be foreseen and it’s great that we are able to respond to requests for modifications in this way".


PS3 Digital Video Recorder 'Tourne' Appears to be a Hit In Japan

Tourne turns your PS3 into a Digital Video Recorder

It's been a few months since we've had one of those "line" stories, where the big Japanese sites send their correspondents out to cover the launches for major games. came through with some sweet line pics today... although the lines were not for a game.

Today was the release date for three major game products: Yakuza 4 for PS3, Gundam Assault Survive for PSP, and torne for PS3. The first two are games. The last one is a sub ¥10,000 kit that converts your PlayStation 3 into a digital video recorder.

Over the past few weeks, there has been some indication that torne would end up being a hit product. Famitsu has been covering the product extensively, with multiple print features and, most recently, a rare peripheral box review. The magazine's editors scored the device three 9s and a 10 and offered it tremendous praise, with the person who gave it a 10 saying that he wanted to give it a 20.

There's also been indication that the product would be hard to come by. Last month, retail blog Famicom Plaza reported an initial shipment of just 30,000 units. sent its reporters out today to cover the launch hoopla in Akihabara and Ikebukuro, and they came back with pics and details indicating a torne craze.


Record Of Agarest War 2 Being Made For PS3

A sequel to Record of Agarest War is in development. No, we're not talking about Record of Agarest War Zero, that's a prequel.

One of the products on Compile Heart's GDC list, perhaps to be licensed for the West, is a follow up to Record of Agarest War called Agarest Senki 2. The game is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

No concrete details (sorry!) since the news comes from a product list. Agarest appears to be a key franchise for Compile Heart and if Record of Agarest War does well next month there's a chance we'll see Record of Agarest War 2 in English.


PS3 Sold Out Amid God of War III Release

Sony Corp's Playstation 3 held a sold out status at major US retailers this week amid the launch of action title God of War III.

Video: Sony PlayStation Move TV Commercial With Kevin Butler

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sony: Lots Of SCE Studios Working On 3D PS3 Games

Technology That portrays 2D images has been around since 1832 in some shape or form. Today, 3D appears to be back on the upswing in films and games, thanks to new technologies.

Sony is the game console maker putting the most emphasis on 3D. The company has been showing off sample 3D games at events such as this years CES and most recently, last weeks Game Developers Conference.

Uncharted 2 Cleans Up At The Game Developers Choice Awards

Five wins out of seven nominations

Uncharted 2 has won a massive FIVE awards at the Game Developers Choice ceremony. Uncharted 2 picked up the main award for Game of the Year, Best Writing, Best Technology, Best Visual Arts and Best Audio.
Only missing out on Best Game Design, which went to Batman: Arkham Asylum from Rock Steady, and the one for Innovation, which went to Scribblenauts from 5th Cell.

At the same Ceremony, John Carmack of id Software recieved a Lifetime Achievement Award, while Gabe Newell of Valve Software recieved a Pioneer Award.

God Of War III Devs Worked 70 hr Weeks In Race To Meet Deadline

John Palamarchuk, the lead cinematic artist for God Of War III, revelead that there was a race to meet the release deadline for the game and that some of the development team were working 70 hour weeks.

"It was pretty intense, but it was also pretty exciting,"said Palamarchuk.

"We wanted to go out with a bang".

With the project complete, the studio is taking a month-long break.

Rumour: Gran Turismo 5 To Hit October 2010

If a spokesperson at the Game Developers Conference is to be believed, Sony is planning to release Gran Turismo 5 in October 2010.
Sony's official word however was that it would just be sometime this year.

Monday, March 15, 2010

PS3 Claims 54% Of Final Fantasy XIII Sales In UK

The fact that Final Fantasy XIII has this week claimed the top spot in the ELSPA GfK Chart-Track All Formats Top 40 is of absolutely no shock – but onlookers will be far more interested to see how sales were shared across PS3 and Xbox 360.

Most exciting for us about this week’s chart is the position of Heavy Rain, still clutching tightly to the number four spot.

1 – Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix, Square Enix)
2 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (EA DICE, EA)
3 – Just Dance (Ubisoft, Ubisoft)
4 – Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream, SCE)
5 – Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo, Nintendo)
6 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Infinity Ward, Activision-Blizzard)
7 – Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Sumo Digital, Sega)
8 – Aliens vs Predator (Rebellion, Sega)
9 – Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Nintendo)
10 – New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo, Nintendo)

Uncharted 2 Now Comes In Book Form

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. and Naughty Dog, Inc. have teamed up with Ballistic Publishing to release The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a 272 page book with all the artwork that was created for the game.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

God Of War 3 Vengence Trailer

Sony Motion Controller To Be Called 'MOVE' Not ARC

The much talked about Sony Motion Controller was rumoured to be called 'ARC' we reported on this. This has turned out to not the case, due to trademark problems. Apparently Microsoft owns the 'ARC' trademark. and has used the name for the Microsoft ARC mouse.

So Sony recently annouced the name of it's Motion Controller at GDC, it's to be named PlayStation MOVE.

Codemasters Confirms DiRT 3

An executive from Codemasters has confirmed that DiRT 3 is in the Works. Edge-Online reprts that the full feature will be shown in the March 16th issue of EDGE.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sony 3D Glasses To Cost Approx £90

Electronics giant Sony is expected to release it's first commercially available 3DTV's for the UK market in June. But as is uually the case with all early adopters, those wishing to take the plunge early face a hefty outlay.

Sony's first 3d sets will include in the box, two pairs of active shutter specs and a 3D emitter. However anyone wanting additional pairs of specs will expect to pay approx £90 a pair - at least. Thats a direct conversion of the japanese price.

Sony Expecting To Sell 2.5 Million 3DTV's This Year

Sony Expects to sell 2.5 million 3DTV's this fiscal year which ends 31st March 2011.

Competitors Samsung and Panasonic are expected to start selling their 3DTV's slightly earlier than Sony, So Sony has alot to work towards.

Sony are however, backing 3D with much more force than either of it's competitors. Early this year Sony announced a joint venture with Discovery Communications and IMAX to build a 24-hour 3-D television network.

Sony also has exclusive rights to film the World Cup in 3D, which is bount to push sales of 3DTV's through the roof.

In addition to this, Sony has over 30 million 3D capable PS3's in people home's already. The next PS3 Fimware release rumoured to be coming in June, is expected to add support for 3D games/3d Blu-rays and other 3d content.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Zipper Interactive Reveals: Mysterious New PS3 Game Is Socom 4 + First Screenshots

Wow, was'nt expecting 'Socom 4'.
Still a welcome annoucement, great franchise. We will cover this games development progress as we hear more details. Socom 4 is aiming for a christmas 2010 release.

PlayStation 2 Turns 10 Years Old Today

It's Ya 10th Bithday!

The PlayStation 2 is offically 10 years old today. 10 years ago to the day, the PlayStation 2 launched in japan alongside 'Ridge Racer 5' & 'Street Fighter Ex 3'. The system launched later that same year in Europe & america.

In it's 10 years, the PS2 has gone on to sell well over a 140 million consoles worldwide, becoming the best selling home console of all time.

Final Fantasy XIII TV Spot

New ModNation Racers Trailer

Sony Will Announce A New PS3 Game Today At 8:00pm(GMT)

Today Dave Epke(President of Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux) announced on twitter that Sony will reveal a new PlayStation 3 at 20.00pm.

Could it be any one of the following games:

Resistance 3

Killzone 3

Starhawk(Warhawk sequel)

Twisted Metal

InFamous 2

Uncharted 3

Any other suggestions post below.

IGN God Of War 3 Review Leaked

Moment's ago. Whist browsing for some God Of War, this was discovered. On the offical IGN page of God Of War 3, surprisingly perfect 10 review score was leaked. Fake you say? Thats what was thought when 'Modern Warfare 2' review was also leaked, that ended up been right on the money.

(click The Picture To Full Size)

Jaffe Thinks Sony Should Sue A Lot More People

Over at David Jaffe official Blog, Jaffe seems to think Sony must get smarter with it's legal actions. He thinks that Microsoft 'Scrap Metal' game is too close to 'Twisted Metal' and that the movie 'War Of The Gods' is too close to 'God Of War'. Thus, he is encouraging Sony to get happy with it's lawyers!


'Ok, maybe not Lucas but Sony should. Or if I owned the rights to TWISTED METAL and GODS OF WAR, I sure as hell would at the least send a sternly worded legal letter.

Heck, I'd send two legal letters if it were me'.

What do you think? Does Jaffe have a point? On paper it seems like it.

New PC 'Shatter' Modes coming To PS3 Also.

Sidhe annouced Shatter today for PC, the PC version will feature new PC exclusive game modes including:

  • Endless Mode

  • Endless Co-op Multiplayer

  • Time Attack

  • Time Attack Co-op Multiplayer

Managing Director Mario Wynands posted about their plans to bring the new modes to the PS3 version on popular video game forum NeoGAF.


'Just about to jump on a plane, but I mentioned in the Steam thread that if PSN owners are looking to double dip please note we will be bringing the new modes back to the PSN version(no timeframe on that yet though)'.

OtherOS Will Not Be Removed From Phat PS3’s

Remember the rumour a few days ago, that Sony may remove the OtherOS feature on non-slim PS3's in future firmware update. Well, Geoff Levand PS3-Linux maintainer has gotten confirmation from SCE that the feature will NOT be removed in future updates, and that Sony will continue to support it.


Uncharted 2 Title Update 1.06 Coming Today

Title update 1.06 will be released today, Thursday March 4 2010 at 10.00 AM PST(what time is that in my city?). After that time you will be prompted to download and install Title update 1.06 when you connect online to UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

God of War III EU TV Ad Tests 'Positively Awesome'

Sony Acquires Media Molecule

Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule for an undisclosed sum.

The multi-award-winning Guilford based outfit was bought by Sony in a 'strategic move to continue to secure excellence in game development for the current and future PlayStation platforms'.

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said:

"Since they burst onto the gaming scene, Media molecule have proved to be a truly exciting and innovative studio, who have proved their world-class credentials with the creation of the incredible LittleBigPlanet".

PS3 Issues Fixed Automatically, Your Console Works Now

The infamous Error 8001050F that PS3 phat users had yesterday has fixed itself.

The error caused due to a bug in the PS3 internal clock, which took 2010 as a leap year, has been fixed by simply letting the day pass. Now that the PS3 doesn't think it's Feburary 29 anymore, it will display correct date all without the aid of any patches.

Sony Trademarks 'ARC' In Japan

ARC = Augmented Reality Controller

All evidence points to Sony's Motion Controller been call 'ARC'. Sony have filled for 'ARC' trade mark in Japan, and also registered the domain name