Wednesday, January 31, 2007

65nm CELL Processor Production Started.

Sony Computer Entertainment has started production on the previously announced 65nm CELL processor. All PlayStation 3 units so far have a 90nm processor inside, but this will change soon. As it seems Sony has started the massproduction of the 65nm processor, and this will have a few advantages.

First of all, this will mean a price cut for Sony on every PlayStation 3 sold. This is because the 65nm CELL processor is cheaper than the 90nm processor.

And second, this means a heat reduction for the Playstation 3.

Also this 'new' processor is not only for the PlayStation 3, it's will also be used for more Sony or Toshiba products.

Whether this new 65nm processor will be in all PlayStation 3 units at the European launch is unknown. We expect Sony to announce this in the coming months. Don't expect a price drop though, because Sony will still lose a lot of money with this 'new' processor.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sony Raises Annual Forecast Despite PS3 Losses.

Production delays for Playstation 3 have taken their toll on Sony's bottom line, but the company was still able to beat profit estimates and raise its annual forecasts today.

Sony's game division recorded a quarterly loss of 54.2 billion yen (EUR 343m) for the period ended December 31, which the company blamed on PS3 start-up costs and the decision to sell the next-generation console below the cost of production to develop market share. It also admitted that sales of Playstation Portable have been weak.

However the company recorded net profit of 159.9 billion yen (EUR 1.01bn) overall, which is only down on last year's number by some five percent. Meanwhile operating profit was up over 100 percent to 177.4 billion yen (EUR 1.12bn) thanks to better-than-expected sales of flatscreen "Bravia" televisions and Cybershot cameras.

This enabled Sony to raise its projected net profit for the current year, ending March 31, to 110 billion yen (EUR 696m).

As well as problems with PS3 production, centring on the company's Blu-ray next-gen DVD technology, Sony has been forced to deal with a massive laptop battery recall this year, along with a weaker yen during the October-December quarter, which would otherwise boost the value of profits from the US and Europe.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Analyst Forecasts PS3 Price Cut.

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that the PlayStation 3 will sell out in Europe by May, with a price cut of more than EUR 150 expected inside 12 months.

"I'm actually surprised that consoles are not priced more like other consumer electronics, with early movers charged a bunch and the mass market charged less," Pachter told - using the example of DVD players, which are now available for much lower prices than when they first launched.

He went on to dismiss suggestions that the high cost of Sony's new console might affect sales, stating, "The PS3 can command GBP 425 from the hardcore and I think you'll see price cuts a year from now, probably to GBP 300".

According to Pachter, the UK's stock allocation will "quickly disappear" after PS3 goes on sale come March 23, and the console will "sell out relatively soon after launch" in the rest of Europe.

"There will be a few more games by then, with several great games announced for release in May and beyond, so I expect a full sellout by the end of April," he said.

By the time the PS3 launches the xbox360 will have been available in Europe for over a year, while the Wii was a sell-out success when it launched in December. However, Pachter said he doesn't believe this will necessarily cause big problems for Sony.

"March is not too late, given Sony's production problems and only 800,000 Wiis sold in Europe last quarter," he stated.

"My guess is that the Wii will be up to near 1.6 - 2 million by March 23, but that is far from an insurmountable head start".

Pachter described the PS3's graphics as "phenomenal", adding that the cost of hooking the machine up to a 1080p monitor is "worth every penny".

"I think that games like Gears of War on the 360 look every bit as good, but given that PS3 game development was rushed, I fully expect next year's games to look better on the PS3," Pachter concluded.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

VF5 European Website Launches.

SEGA Europe announced the launch of the Virtua Fighter 5 Official Website. The latest entry in the popular fighting series is headed to European PlayStation 3's in June.

The site covers a wide range of material including game information, character explanations, screenshots, and movies. There are also a variety of Virtua Fighter 5 themed wallpapers for fans to download. The most diehard Virtua Fighter fans can dig through the website's extensive history section for inside information on the series.

Virtua Fighter 5 is headed to the PS3 in North America on February 20, and to the Xbox 360 sometime this summer.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Retail Prepares For 'Phenomenal' PS3 Demand.

Major games retailers have told MCV that they are desperately scrapping for PS3 units, but are resigned to the fact that immense demand will outweigh their initial allocation.

At midnight last night, SCEE confirmed that a million consoles would be made available for retail across PAL territories Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Australasia.

Amazon’s console and video games manager James Schall told MCV: “No matter what number Sony decide to give us out of that one million, it won’t be enough to supply for the demand out there, which we already know to be absolutely phenomenal. We’re in discussions with them and obviously trying to get as many as is humanly possible.

“Our aim is to ensure customers aren’t queuing and fighting in the cold, waiting to get their hands on units that don’t exist. We want to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for the massive number of customers we’re expecting to buy the PS3 from Amazon. We aim to rival the smooth way in which we handled the Wii launch”.

Head of games at Woolworths Gerry Berkley added: "We will be battling hard for as many consoles as possible for our customers, but demand will inevitably out-strip supply.

“This is very exciting news for the industry. Our stores will be taking pre-orders in the next few days. This is the hottest gaming system since the PS2 launched in 2000.

“Customers have been asking to pre-order PS3 for some time now".


Sony Unveils PS3 Launch Line-Up.

Sony has revealed that more than 30 software titles will be available for Playstation 3 when the console launches in Europe on March 23.

First-party titles will include Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm, Genji: Days of the Blade, plus Formula One Championship Edition and Ridge Racer 7.

Third-party publishers who have signed up to offer games at launch include Electronic Arts, Activision, Sega, Ubisoft, Vivendi, Namco Bandai, Take-Two and Sony Online Entertainment.

A range of downloadable games will be available via the PlayStation Network, such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Blast Factor, flOw, Go! Sudoku and Go! Puzzle.

The list also includes Gran Turismo HD Concept, which has already been downloaded by 350,000 gamers in North America and Japan since its December release.

In addition, Sony confirmed that the European launch of PS3 will coincide with the release of a new System Update for the console.

"Following the hugely successful launches of PS3 in Japan and North America, we are absolutely delighted to be able to bring significant numbers of PS3 to the UK," said Sony UK managing director Ray Maguire.
"To be able to launch with over 30 titles including retail versions and great downloadable gaming experiences across every genre shows that this is our strongest launch line-up in the history of PlayStation, and is what PlayStation fans in the UK have been crying out for".

The full list of launch day software is as follows:
  • Resistance: Fall of Man - SCEE - Disc
  • MotorStorm - SCEE - Disc
  • Genji: Days of the Blade - SCEE - Disc
  • Formula One Championship Edition - SCEE - Disc
  • Ridge Racer 7 - SCEE - Disc
  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection - SCEE - Network
  • Lemmings - SCEE - Network
  • Go! Sudoku - SCEE - Network
  • Go! Puzzle - SCEE - Network
  • Blast Factor - SCEE - Network
  • flOw - SCEE - Network
  • Super Rub'a'Dub - SCEE - Network
  • Call Of Duty 3 - Activision UK Ltd - Disc
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Activision UK Ltd - Disc
  • Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Activision UK Ltd - Disc
  • Gundam - Target in Sight - Namco Bandai Games - Disc
  • Full Auto 2: Battle Lines - Sega Europe Ltd - Disc
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega Europe Ltd - Disc
  • Virtua Fighter 5 - Sega Europe Ltd - Disc
  • Virtua Tennis 3 - Sega Europe Ltd - Disc
  • World Snooker Championship 2007 - Sega Europe Ltd - Disc
  • NBA 2K7 - Take 2 International SA - Disc
  • NHL 2K7 - Take 2 International SA - Disc
  • Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWll - Ubisoft Entertainment SA - Disc
  • Enchanted Arms - Ubisoft Entertainment SA - Disc
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Ubisoft Entertainment SA - Disc
  • The Elder Scrolls lV: Oblivion - Ubisoft Entertainment SA - Disc
  • Def Jam: Icon - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • Fight Night Round 3 - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • NBA Street 4 Homecourt 2007 - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • Need For Speed Carbon - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • The Godfather: The Don's Edition - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - Electronic Arts Ltd - Disc
  • F.E.A.R. Vivendi - Universal Games Intl SA - Disc
  • Gripshift - Sony Online Entertainment - Network


UK Prices Announced For PS3 Peripherals.

Sony has announced the UK price points for the range of Playstation 3 peripherals set to go on sale alongside the console on March 23.

The motion-sensing SIXAXIS wireless controller will retail for GBP 34.99, while the remote control for the machines in-built Blu-ray player will cost GBP 17.99.

Also selling for GBP 17.99 will be a choice of connection cables - HDMI, AV and component AV. The cheapest item on the announced list of peripherals is the S Video cable at GBP 12.99.

As officially confirmed by Sony, the 60GB PlayStation 3 will retail for GBP 425 / EUR 599 when it launches across Europe.


1 Million PS3 Units For Euro Launch.

Sony has confirmed that Playstation 3 will hit Europe on March 23, with 1 million units to be available across SCEE territories from launch day.

As expected, the PS3 will retail for GBP 425 in the UK and EUR 599 elsewhere - except Ireland, where it will cost EUR 629.99.

Only the 60GB model will be available at launch with the 20GB version "to follow later in the year dependent on demand", according to Sony. The decision not to offer the 20GB PS3 at launch was described by the platform holder as a response to "retail and consumer demand".
An official statement says that 1 million units will be available "during the initial launch period" - but speaking to, a spokesperson clarified that the 1 million figure is the target for day one.

In comparison, 325 nintendo Wii consoles were available in Europe at launch, while microsoft has suggested that the estimated figure for Xbox 360 of 300,000 units is in the right ball park. As a result, if Sony hits the 1 million target, it will have more consoles available on day one than both of its rivals put together.

Sony has yet to reveal any details of how the shipment will be divided up between territories. However, Britain generally accounts for between 25 and 30 per cent of the European games market, which would suggest that the launch day figure for the UK could stand at around 300,000 units.


Sony And Namco Form New Content Creation Company.

Sony and Namco Bandai are to further strengthen their relationships by forming a new company, Cellius, to create PS3 games and content for mobile phones and PCs.

The company will be joint owned, with Namco Bandai owning 51 per cent of the venture and Sony owning the other 49 per cent, Bloomberg is reporting.

Cellius will create content based around the technology of the Cell chip, the processor Sony and partners International Business Machines and Toshiba spent 200 billion yen (EUR 1.2bn) developing.

The move highlights Sony's desire to go toe-to-toe with rival Microsoft in the entertainment sector, with both company's setting their sites on content for the digital home.

Namco Bandai has been a strong supporter of Sony since it first entered the home console market, creating some of its best-known franchises including Ridge Racer, Tekken and Ace Combat.

Namco Bandai's Ridge Racer 7 and Mobile Suit Gundam were the highest-selling games for the Playstation 3 last year.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Virtua Fighter 5 Virtually Here.

On Monday SEGA announced that Virtua Fighter 5 has gone gold for the PlayStation 3 and is being sent to the manufacturing plant. PS3 owners can look forward to picking up the system's first fighting game on February 20.Developed by the AM R&D Development No.2 team (of Shenmue, OutRun, and Space Harrier fame), Virtua Fighter 5 is a conversion of the arcade game with additional Quest Modes, character customization options, and two new characters. The level of visual detail and character animation has been upped to advanced levels, with next-generation lighting and detail on the fighters and environments.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Physical Power Of Blu-Ray Tested.

Some guy decided to see how much physical abuse the Blu-ray disc can take and it seems to be a pretty strong disc medium. Remember kids, playing matches doesn't make you cool...


Friday, January 19, 2007

Nex Gen Hardware Sales Slow In Japan.

Next-generation consoles have suffered a slow week of sales in Japan, with the Playstation 3 recording its worst figures since release.

According to data from Media Create, the PS3 sold 25,531 units for the week ending January 14.
Nintendo Wii sales were estimated at 93,708 units, the second worst week since it sold just over 85,000 units immediately after launch.

The news wasn't impressive for Microsoft either, with the Xbox 360 managing just over 9,000 units sold in the same period.

Sony recently announced it has shipped over a million units of the PS3 to Japanese retailers.
Looking at sales data for software, Wii Sports is the number one title in the region, selling over 61,000 units. Resistance: Fall of Man is the highest ranking PS3 title in the charts at number 40, while there are no Xbox 360 games in the top fifty at all.


PS3 Set To Retail In UK For £425.

Senior retail sources have told that the 60GB Playstaion 3 will go on sale in the UK for GBP 425, as previously stated by Sony UK boss Ray Maguire.

His comments were made in an interview with in May of last year, where he defended the price point as "a bargain" for consumers.

Now several retail execs have confirmed that the GBP 425 figure is correct, and said they are expecting an official announcement from Sony next week. It's thought that the 20GB Playstaion 3 will not be made available in the UK, at least during the initial launch period.

The announcement is also expected to confirm a March 23 launch date across Europe, as previously reported.

The UK price is equivalent to just under EUR 647, which is likely to elicit complaints about "rip-off Britain" as Sony has confirmed that the 60GB PS3 will cost EUR 599 in most other European territories. The price for Ireland, however, has been set at EUR 629.99, apparently due to a higher VAT rate.

One retail source said that the higher UK price has not been driven by Sony but by British retailers, who traditionally seek bigger profit margins than their Continental counterparts.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1m PS3's Shipped In Japan.

Sony has announced that shipments of PS3 units to Japan have reached the one million mark.

The total number of worldwide shipments of the new console is now two million units, which Sony claims beats comparative shipment totals for previous Playstation platforms.
Software shipments for the next-generation machine had reached five million units by the end of December 2006.

Sony has promised the next-gen console will launch in Europe in two months time, with retail sources pointing towards an expected launch date of March 23.


Monday, January 15, 2007

March 23 Euro Launch Date Likely For PS3.

TBWA has told that the UK advertising campaign for PS3 will begin towards the end of March - supporting suggestions from a senior retail source that the console will launch on the 23rd.

Last month, SCEE boss David Reeves confirmed that the PS3 is still on track to reach Europe in March, despite rumours to the contrary. However, Sony has yet to reveal an official date and price point for launch.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for advertising agency TBWA said the marketing campaign for the console "launches towards the end of March" - which would suggest that an early March date is unlikely.

That's been backed up by a retail source who told, "It's safe to assume that the PS3 launch will be towards the end of the month. My money is on the 23rd".

The source also confirmed reports that Sony is set to announce the final details of the launch within the next fortnight.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

European PS3 Launch Plan Just Weeks Away.

Sony is preparing to announce the full and final European PS3 launch details at the end of this month, MCV has learned.
Whilst industry speculation that PS3’s European arrival could be pushed back as far as September continues, Sony insists that a March launch is still on the cards, with concrete details to be revealed to the public shortly.

MCV has also been led to believe that there is still no intention to launch the 20Gb model in this territory and that the launch price remains at or around £425.

Sony revealed last September that its plans to launch PS3 globally in November were to be scrapped, blaming the production issues surrounding the console’s Blu-Ray diodes on the European delay.

Subsequent supply problems and stock shortages that have plagued the North American and Japanese markets and lead to ongoing speculation that the European release could be pushed back even further.

However, Sony has continued to deny the reports. In December, SCEE president and CEO David Reeves told MCV: “We’re still on schedule to launch PS3 in March throughout all PAL territories and all speculation otherwise is without foundation".


Friday, January 12, 2007

Get It On At The PS3 Cell Hack-A-Thon.

Terra Soft Solutions will host HPC Consortium's first-ever PS3 Cell processor "hack-a-thon" on January 20-26 at the company's headquarters in Loveland, Colorado.

The hack-a-what?

It's basically a week-long event where researchers from all over the planet convene to "port science and engineering applications to the Cell processor and create the initial knowledge base of Cell-optimized code." The hack-a-thon will be composed of fast-paced coding, Cell-centric software development instruction, and personal support from industry experts.

Event participants will enjoy opening day presentations, daily tutorials, assistance and even online support from support from IBM, Mercury, and RapidMind. On top of that, PS3s, Mercury and IBM Cell products will also be available on-site. The hack-a-thon also promises to offer a creative (and comfy) atmosphere, as it will be supported by home-cooked catering, a continuous flow of warm beverages, skiing, indoor/outdoor rock climbing and a hot tub after a long day and evening of coding.

Sounds just like techno-geek heaven, doesn't it?

Anyone who wants to learn about programming for the Cell processor is invited, free of charge. However, availability of slots is limited due to the number of available Cell systems and facility accommodations. For more info, just click on the "Read" link below!


SCEA: We Dominated December.

The thing about numbers is that there are tons of ways to look at them. Take for instance The NPD Group's official numbers for video game console sales in the U.S.

You could say that Microsoft is winning, you could say Nintendo is winning, or you could say Sony is winning.

I can honestly say I can see wher
e all three companies are coming from. But since I've only heard officially from Sony so far, this is their moment in the sun.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America dominated the US computer entertainment marketplace in December, scoring its highest first-party sales month in company history, as well producing the top-selling home system. According to NPD data, SCEA tallied total sales of $1.61 billion, with more than 2.8 million units of hardware, 22.4 million units of software and 6.9 million peripherals sold, besting the next closest company's total retail sales dollars by nearly 40%. December 2006 was only the third time total first- and third-party sales for an individual company have exceeded $1.6 billion, records previously set by SCEA in December 2001 and 2002.

On the hardware front, the more than six-year old PlayStation 2 outpaced all other home systems at retail during December, including newer, readily-available products from our competition. Sales of PS2 systems were down a mere 5% from December 2005, demonstrating the continued viability of the PS2 technology. PSP (PlayStation Portable Player) showed very strong gains in December, up 130% over the previous month. As one of the top items on consumer's holiday gift lists, the recently released PLAYSTATION 3 set a new record for the company following exceptional December sales - in the first two months of availability, the PS3 has sold-through more units in the US than the original PlayStation or PlayStation 2.

"If there was ever any doubt about the power of the PlayStation brand in the US, the December NPD data should quickly quell it," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Not only did consumers drive records for PLAYSTATION 3, they also validated the excellent value represented by PlayStation 2 and the entertainment versatility of PSP. These sales figures bode very well for the company heading into 2007".


The Godfather: The Don's Edition Breaks Thumbs This March.

Today, Electronic Arts finally announced two new versions of its Godfather game: The Godfather The Don's Edition for PS3 and The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for Nintendo's Wii. While both games are based off of the previously released The Godfather game for PS2/Xbox/360, each game offers up an entirely new experience. The Godfather The Don's Edition includes The Corleone Expansion Pack complete with new gameplay and missions, while The Godfather Blackhand Edition makes use of the Wiimote's unique capabilities to provide an enhanced combat experience.

Both games offer games entirely new ways to climb the mafia ladder from Soldier to Don as you wrench control of the New York underground from your mobster rivals. Players can choose from either the Enforcer or Operator paths, each with its own unique perks and abilities. The Don's Edition also includes the new Shipyard and Rail yard transportation hubs for gamer to explore and ultimately dominate.

The Godfather The Don's Edition takes advantage of the motion-sensing capabilities of the Sixaxis controller for the PS3. Gamers must wrestle with their controllers in order to execute hand-to-hand combat maneuvers in the game. The Godfther Blackhand Edition further expands on this idea by offering gamers full Blackhand Control. Players must make real life gestures with the Wiimote and the Nunchuck to beat down on the opposition, or point directly at the screen for pinpoint firearms accuracy.

Developed by EA Redwood Shores, both new versions of the Godfather will be released this March.


PS3 & Wii Konami Games Not So Cancelled.

Earlier reports of a massive wave of cancellations over at Konami's next generation game farm were, it seems, erroneous. Next generation Gradius and new generation New Action Adventure Game 2 live!

For those wondering what in the world of mistaken triologies is going on, IGN reported on Wednesday that the following Konami titles had been cancelled:
  • Gradius Series (PS3)
  • Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball (PS3)
  • New Action Game (PS3)
  • New Role Playing Game (PS3)
  • New Action Adventure Game 2 (Wii)
  • Role Playing Game (Wii)

This report was based on a release list in the latest issue of Japan's largest games magazine, Famitsu.

Today, Famitsu issued a correction via its website noting that the games have not been cancelled, but instead have a TBA release date, just as they always have.

For the record, because we're sure you're wondering, there is a "New Action Adventure Game 1" in development for the Wii. We expect it to precede the release of New Action Adventure Game 2, although it too has a TBA date.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sony & Nintendo Win Emmy.

The Emmy Award for Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers... went to Sony for the Dual Shock Controller, and Nintendo for the D-Pad.

I found it interesting that they won this award for the Dual Shock Controller,and D-Pad and not for the Sixaxis controller, and Wii-mote.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo All Sued For Patent Infringement On Joystick Design.

It appears that all three of the game console makers, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are facing a patent lawsuit from a patent holding company for the way they designed their controllers. The patent in question is for a low-voltage joystick interface -- though, the fact that all of the game consoles on the market today use a similar technique suggests it's not a particularly non-obvious idea. As the link above notes, the patent holding company has been involved in a few other high profile patent lawsuits, but hasn't done so well with a few of them. Apparently, though, that's just incentive to keep on trying.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Analysts And Traders Upbeat On Sony.

Sony shares rose yesterday by their highest margin for a year as the company made its most positive announcements in months.

Shipment announcements boosted the firm’s share price by 6.5%, its biggest jump for a year. Sony chief Howard Stringer also reiterated the company’s pledge to increase profit margins from 3.9% to 5%. Speaking at CES he said, “I made a promise. I have to find a way to get there. I have some ideas where I can find the money".

Analyst’s were in a positive mood. Goldman, Sachs added a ‘buy’ rating to Sony saying it is currently underpriced. Hiroshi Chano at Yasuda Asset Management in Tokyo said, “Sony virtually had only bad news last year, so the CEO's comment and the rating change spurred a rally today.” Evan Wilson at Pacific Crest Securities added, “It appears everything is on track from a supply perspective. Now, all we have to figure out is if the demand will live up to the supply".


Monday, January 08, 2007

PS3 Controller Picks Up Prestigious Gong At CES.

The PS3's Sixaxis controller has been honoured with an award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Technology and Engineering Emmy Award comes as the console manufacturer also revealed it has shipped one million units of its PS3's to North American retailers.

"The overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim for PS3 is testament of the platform's strength and the industry's desire for a true next-generation entertainment system," commented Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"The full potential of this powerful machine has yet to be realised. What you've seen so far is just a taste of what will be on the table for 2007 and years to come," he added.

The Sixaxis controller has added motion sensing technology to re-define the original Dual Shock controller, detecting natural, real-time movements, along with input via pressure sensitive buttons, analogue sticks and triggers.

Sony's PlayStation 3 has also picked up the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007, PC World's 20 Most Innovative Products Award, Sound and Vision's Editor's Choice Award and a Digital Innovation Award from the Digital Entertainment Group.


US PS3 Shipments Hit 1m Mark.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that 1 million PS3 units were shipped across North America in the six weeks following launch - breaking the record previously set by PS2.

SCEA did not reveal the number of units sold through to consumers, but countered rumours that there is a surplus of stock in some areas by observing that "PS3 has been selling out at retail outlets across North America" since the console's November 17 launch.

It's this high consumer demand, according to Sony, which has driven PS3 to hit the 1 million mark in a shorter timeframe than both the original PlayStation and PS2.

"SCEA went to great lengths to help meet demand for PS3, including airlifting systems into North America on a weekly basis to ensure a steady stream of units were available to consumers throughout the holiday season," said SCEA boss Jack Tretton.

"The fact that we were able to reach the one-million mark faster than our top-selling platform, PS2, further validates the strength of the PlayStation brand and our belief that consumers are ready to experience true high-definition gaming".

According to Tretton, 2007 "will be about software and delivering innovative, new experiences and award-winning franchises to consumers", through both traditional retail channels and the PlayStation online network.

Sony originally said it would ship 2 million PS3 units to North America and Japan by the end of 2006, but Tretton later admitted that this figure was "more of a target" due to problems with the manufacturing process.

The number of PS3s shipped to Japan so far is not known, but it's thought that around 80,000 units were on shop shelves for launch day.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Study: PS3 To Lead Console Race.

A Dublin-based market research firm says that the PlayStation 3 will eventually lead the new console race.

The launch of the PS3 hasn’t been exactly an easy-going affair, but Research and Markets says that Sony’s videogame brand can still hold its own.

In an abstract of the Datamonitor-sourced study, “The Transforming Global Video Games Market: The Emergence of Next Generation Gaming,” the research firm says that the PS3 will enjoy an install base of 75 million consoles worldwide by 2010, outdoing the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Still, Research and Markets doesn’t expect the PS3 to thrash the competition as badly as the PS2 did to its rivals “due to late launch issues in the PAL region and the early lead of Microsofts Xbox 360".

The PS2 sold over 105 million units worldwide as of March 2006, six years after its March 2000 debut in Japan.

The research firm didn’t release its global hardware projections for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in the abstract.