Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sony offers limited edition MGS4 wireless headphones

For those of us who like the occasional bit of collectible game-related kit, here's something that should get your collector's instincts flaring: the ultra-super-deluxe-limited-edition Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 7.1 channel headphones.

Sporting the same gunmetal finish as the limited-edition SonyPS3 that's going hot in Japan, this baby is the Ferrari for your ears - that is, if you're lucky enough to get them. Which is about franking near impossible.

That's right. We weren't kidding when we strung together ultra, super, deluxe, and limited edition in front of this gadget's name. Only 30 of these babies - that's just as much as three tens - will be handed out randomly to those buying MGS4 bundles from the Japanese Konami store from now up to June 1.

That means there's no chance to it - either you get one or you don't, and you'll have to order a whole bundle for that very slim chance of getting one. And good luck finding it in any Internet auction sites - we doubt that anyone would want to let go of a pair of these. In any case, here's hoping we get a re-run over here (pretty please, Konami?).


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