Monday, February 02, 2009

Killzone 2 demo hits Euro PSN this Thursday

SCEE has confirmed that the Killzone 2 demo will be available to download from the European PlayStation Store on February 5th. That’s this Thursday.

The demo will include the first two sections of ‘Corinth River’ (the first level of the game) and will also include the tutorial sequence from the final game.

We’ll have a lot more on Killzone 2 over the coming days, but in the meantime why not prepare yourself for its impressive multiplayer component by checking out our video feature.

Killzone 2 releases exclusively on PS3 on February 27th.


systemSOLACE said...

I can not WAIT to play Killzone 2. Even though I am in America, I don't know how much of your information will follow through here, I will keep reading! Please keep posting! ^_^

PS3 said...

Yeah, just a few days to count down, the wait is killing me.

systemSOLACE said...

One more day! xD