Tuesday, September 08, 2009

BBC iPlayer proves a hit on PS3

Sony's PS3 games console now accounts for 10% of all viewing of the BBC iPlayer, according to the UK pubcaster, which has launched a new version it says "bodes well" for Project Canvas.

A PS3-compatible version of the iPlayer has been around for about a year but last week the BBC launched a new version, which it says has already overtaken Apple Macs to become its second most popular platform for IP-delivered TV.

PS3 claims 10% of all iPlayer viewing while Apple Macs have 8.5%. PCs meanwhile are still number one, accounting for around 70%. Virgin Media cable, which claims around a third of total iPlayer viewing, is not included in this count.

"We'll have to wait and see whether this holds up in the coming weeks, but this enthusiastic reception makes it clear that users do want iPlayer on their TV - something that bodes well for Canvas and other IPTV propositions," said BBC Future Media and Technology online and Vision controller Anthony Rose.

The reference to the BBC's plan to create an open IPTV standard comes as the Future Media and Technology executive awaits the outcome of the BBC Trust's final decision on whether it should be allowed to go ahead.

Rose commended Sony on technical work it has carried out recently which made the process of putting the new version of iPlayer on the PS3 much easier.

Sony last week announced that it was bringing its Bravia Internet Video capable devices to Europe early next year with broadcasters across the continent, including the UK's Five, on board.

A BBC spokesman said today that developments with the iPlayer on PS3 would not necessarily mean it would also mean the BBC catch-up service would be compatible with the new Sony TVs.


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