Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sony Refuses To Sanction PS3 Refunds

Did you think that Sony may have a change of heart and start issuing refunds due to the removal of OtherOS? Wrong! Instead they have said that there is no legal basis for PS3 refunds and what went on between Amazon and a customer is entirely their business. So in conclusion they have no plans to compensate consumers or retailers over the removal of OtherOS in the PS3.

"The provision in the Sale of Goods Act which requires an item to be fit for a purpose made known by the consumer to the retailer prior to purchase and confirmed by the retailer applies only to the contract between the retailer and the consumer," Sony told us.

"The decision by Amazon to give a consumer a partial refund is clearly between Amazon and the consumer, but we do not expect the decision to have a legal basis and we have no plans to compensate retailers".



Anonymous said...

Sony has gifted me with two dead consoles at about the 1.5 year mark. Just waiting for a class action suit to hop on for flawed manufacturing.

I'm done with Sony and my next generation of gaming after this is going to be spent 100% pirating. Tired of being taken advantage of and sold crappy hardware.

PS3 Fan said...

Flawed manufacturing your kiddy right, you have just been unlucky. Look no further than the 360 for flawed manufacturing, Microsoft have failed 4 times at trying to fix RROD. Now thats failure. I'm still on my first PS3, had it little over 3 years.