Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New MotorStorm 2 trailer, Haze demo today

To tie in with Sony's PlayStation Day event taking place later today (don't worry, we'll be there), Sony will launch a Haze demo on PSN later today.

As well as today's PS Day-related update, Sony has told CVG that the usual weekly update on Thursday will still happen, with more new content, although that list is yet to be confirmed.

Here's a full list of the content going live today.

Content published on PSN (for PS3) May 6, 2008

  • Game Demo: Condemned 2
  • Game Demo: Haze
  • Full Game: Street Skater
  • Full Game: Blast Factor Advanced
  • Full Game: High Velocity Bowling
  • Expansion Pack: Blast Factor Advanced Research
  • Expansion Pack: High Velocity Bowling Character - Mike
  • Game Trailer: Buzz! Quiz TV
  • PlayStation Day Trailer: Secret Agent Clank
  • PlayStation Day Trailer: Siren Blood Curse
  • PlayStation Day Trailer: MotorStorm is back

Content published on PS Store (for PC) May 9, 2008

  • Full Game: Street Skater
  • PlayStation Day Trailer: Siren Blood Curse

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