Tuesday, May 06, 2008

PlayStation Day Store update

The PlayStation Store has received its special Tuesday PlayStation Day update.

The content is as we expected:

The PlayStation Day trailers available include Motorstorm is back, Siren Blood Curse Trailer, Secret Agent Clank Trailer and finally a PlayStation Network PS Day Showcase.

High Velocity Bowling is finally available for £4.99; you can also splash out for an extra character Mick for £0.69, still nice if he was thrown in.

Blast Factor Advanced Research add-on back is on for £1.99 for anyone who is still playing this launch title.

Street Skater is our classic title for the usual £3.49

Two demos are available, the very good Condemned 2 demo is worth checking out and of course Haze is a must, the latter weighing in at about 1.5GB

Finally there is an additional trailer, Buzz Quiz TV

All that should keep you entertained till the next update on Thursday.

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