Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Report: Sony Cutting 2,000 Jobs, PlayStation Division Unaffected

According to a report from Japanese Business site Nikkei, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer will announce an additional 2,000 job cuts on Thursday.

Sony had already announced that it would be cutting 16,000 jobs last month. With the new reductions, it would bring the number up to 18,000.

It had been rumored that Sony would be making additional job reductions, and there were a plethora of reports that raised the possibility of the PlayStation division being affected.

However, these new job cuts will only affect Sony’s television business, according to the report. It will close down one of Sony’s TV production plants that it has in Japan.

Stringer is also suspected to lower 2008’s fiscal earnings outlook, which has been rumored to be dismal.

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