Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Evolution and WipEout Team to merge under one roof

Two of the best PlayStation 3 racing game developers are to eventually merge under one roof.

Developer Evolution Studios were purchased by Sony Entertainment in 2007, and have since released a successful sequel to their racing classic MotorStorm.

It's well known that the team shared not only their PlayStation 3 engine but also their knowledge with Sony Studio Liverpool in the creation of WipEout HD. The collaboration resulted in a stunning full-1080p, 60 frames-per-second futuristic racer.

The studios have always been intertwined, in a similar way to the connection between Ninja Theory (the developer of Heavenly Sword) and Sony Cambridge. Evolution Studio was formed in 1999 by Martin Kenwright and Ian Hetherington. Ian had previously founded Psygnosis, which is now...Sony Studio Liverpool.

Sony's head of Worldwide Studios in Europe, Michael Denny, tells of the relationship between the two Northern studios;

"You may be aware that Evolution and our Liverpool Studio have now merged in terms of management structure and using combined resources. Liverpool had great success this year with Wipeout HD and they also helped on MotorStorm as well.

"Each studio has its own internal concepting group which will always be looking at new opportunities and new IPs, and we'll continue to extend and innovate within our existing franchises as well."

When asked whether the studios would merge completely in the future, Denny replies;

"Yes, it was always the intention with them being in the same geographic location and working so closely together, it would be ideal if they could be housed at some point within the same site, but it's not happening overnight."

This wouldn't necessarily mean that the teams would collaborate together to create one game. The teams would remain separate, but being under one roof would allow them to more efficiently share resources.

In our opinion this is great news for Sony's internal development studios.


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