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E3 2009: Sony Hits Many Highlights At E3 (Recap)

Sony took the stage Tuesday during E3 to announce a laundry list of games. Some of the most impressive were on the PSP and the recently announced PSP Go! There are several exclusives, new IPs, and the suddenly popular motion control. Also know that the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta started 2nd june, at midnight. Let me just say that God of War III looks sick.

Take a look at the recap.

Sony focused a chunk of its presentation on the PSP brand. The PSP Go! was leaked over the weekend. But not many details were known. Sony announced during E3 that the new PSP model will be available Oct. 1 for $249.

It will have the same operating system as the PSP-300, built-in WiFi, and Bluetooth. It will be 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the original PSP. Though it will only use downloaded content, Sony promises it won't replace UMD.

The PSP-300 will continue to get support, Sony said. Both versions of the handheld will have access to the upgraded Playstation Store, which will allow direct downloads to the PSPs.

After going though the PSP hardware, Sony announced a string of new portable games.

Grand Turismo - Oct. 1- It will feature 800 cars and 35 tracks with 60 different layouts.
- Users will be able to share vehicles with friends.
- It will have an Ad-Hoc mode where four people can race together.
- There will be several single-player modes, including the license skills tests.
- It will run at 60fps.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - 2010
- Hideo Kojima said this is the sequel to Metal Gear 3.
- It takes place in the 1970s, 10 years after MGS3.
- Kojima is writing the script.

Sony then showed a montage video of the other games coming for the PSPs. Included was Resident Evil, Fat Princess, Jak & Daxter and PixelJunk Monsters.


God of War 3 - March 2010
The demo included the first few minutes of the game. It featured a mix of small cutscenes and typical God of War gameplay. The game is going to be very violent.

Final Fantasy XIII, XIV
So we all know about Final Fantasy XIII and its migration to the XBOX 360. Well, Sony announced today that Final Fantasy XIV: Online will come exclusive to the PS3. Both games will come in the Fall.

The rumors of a Rockstar exclusive are confirmed. Only a few details were given and no trailer was shown. But the game will be set in the 1970s and will center around an assassin.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The demo showed a new level with very intense gameplay. The game still looks like a Game of the Year contender.

MAG - This Fall
Zipper Interactive did a very cool demo of the game. It had 256 live players and really showed what this game will be about. Players were split into eight player platoons and carried about small objectives as part of the bigger battle. Respawn points were dynamic and changed as the platoon advanced. Nothing about a price was given. Nor did they talk about what type of game modes there would be. They also didn't talk about how the communication system would work.

ModNation Racers
This is going to be a new racing IP that the developers said would allow users to share content. Think Mario Kart mixed with Little Big Planet.

Last Guardian
I'm not going to lie. By this point of the press conference, I was working on the recap. All I got was that it's an exclusive game.

Motion Control
Last but not least, Sony showed us their version of motion control gaming. It was a prototype presentation, but it has great potential. The video will do it more justice than my words. But it uses a controller to play off of the Playstation Eye.

The kid playing it was able to do many things, including shooting an arrow into the head of some hobbit looking thing. He also grabbed virtual items, turned the screen into a first-person shooter, and created a makeshift strategy game.

All in all, PS3 users have loads of really cool stuff to look forward to in 2009/2010.

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