Friday, August 21, 2009

PS3 Slim Uses 45nm Cell Processor

Now we know what the Playstation 3 Slim offers as far as energy consumption and size, but how has the hardware changed to make it possible?

Way back in September of last year, the first rumblings of a 45nm Cell Processor were heard. It was reported that mass production of the smaller, more efficient chip would begin in 2009. Well, here we are in 2009, faced with a smaller, more efficient PS3 Slim. Does it incorporate the new technology?

IBM says yes. The PS3 Slim's Cell Processor was "manufactured using an advanced 45-nanometer manufacturing process," bringing "many performance improvements while drawing less power than earlier chips".

The original report from International Data Group goes on to say that the PS3 Slim "adds hardware enhancements that make it speedier".

Wait, so Sony knew about the Slim the whole time they were denying the rumors? Those sly dogs!

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