Friday, August 21, 2009

Sony Throwing A Global Launch Party For Slim PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong sent out a press bulletin proudly announcing they are going to host the global launch party for the slim PlayStation 3. The system arrives in stores on September 1st everywhere, but Japan. Due to time zone differences Hong Kong will be the first region to sell the system.

Sony is celebrating the slim PS3’s launch with a party in Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping districts.
The event starts at 6PM and goes on past 12AM when the console goes on sale.


derek said...

how much will it cost

Marty said...

Uk = £250
US = $299
Europe = 299 Euros
Aus = $599(I Think)

r4 ds said...

The best on the net! I did some shopping, and I cannot believe this deal! PS3 Slim is exactly what our business has been lacking.