Wednesday, December 09, 2009

24k Gold PS3 Not Over $9000

A few weeks ago, computer Choppers teased us with an image of the shell of it’s 24k Gold PS3. At that time nothing was known except that it was a PS3 Slim dipped in 24k gold. Today, Computer Choppers has released it’s 24k Gold PS3 to the world and been kind enough to supply us with some information.

The 24k gold PS3’s are now available and can be ordered like any of their other products. Units start at $4,999, come with 2 24k gold controllers, and a 1 year warranty(just in case). Customers who purchase one of these can get custom logos in chrome, black chrome, 24kt gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

If customers would like to take things a step further and make theirs a little more unique, they will be allowed to create a PS3 logo with diamonds or almost any exotic material. No word on how much extra that will cost you, but I’m sure it will.

There is a “jeweled” limited edition PS3 on the way for those seeking something more extravagant and limited. Computer Choppers told us, “The limited edition model will be released in the coming weeks, unfortunately not in time for the Christmas holiday.” By limited there will only be a few of these “jeweled” PS3s made.

We believe these will be the five 24k Gold & Diamonds PS3 Slims we were told about a few weeks back. We’ll let you know when those come around. Those will probably be a bit more pricey, but for those who can’t afford those, the $5000 model is perfect for you!

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