Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Killzone 3 Pre-E3 Reveal Reason Given

Killzone 3 is the kind of game you might expect to be dated with gusto at E3, but Sony Europe's content producer James Gallagher has explained why it just couldn't wait until then.

We reported that Killzone 3 will hit shelves on May 3 2011. Apparently the highly anticipated sequel has been dated early because of the amount that Sony has a lot in the pipeline already.

Gallagher commented on the EU PlayStation blog:

"Our PR team will have their reasons - we have a lot of games in the pipeline and it's logistically easier to space them out a bit, I suppose. Plus, it makes sure they get some good media coverage before the information avalanche of E3".

We don't think there was ever any doubt that Killzone 3 would get enough coverage.


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