Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PS3 Exclusives Rated Higher Than 360's On Average

Playstation 3 exclusives have a higher average review rating than those of the Xbox 360 - but the 360 has far more exclusives scoring above 80 per cent.

According to a list compiled by Industry Gamers, both consoles have nine exclusives scoring 90 percent or above, but the 360 has 36 scoring between 80 and 89 percent whereas the PS3 only has 18.

The 360, however, has far more exclusives than the PS3 overall with 218 to 60 respectively, as of 27 October 2009.

In terms of percentage, 35.78 percent of Xbox exclusives scored 75 and over to PS3's 63.33 percent.

Here's the full table for your own scrutiny and analysis:

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