Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sony: Kinect & EyeToy Both 'Limited'

Sony design guru Dr Richard Marks has claimed that both Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's own EyeToy are 'limited' in comparison to PlayStation MOVE.

Marks, who created the EyeToy, is convinced that gamers - and games designers - can achieve more with a controller in their hands.
Although he admitted EyeToy was "really neat" he said it faced limits on its own that the addition of MOVE has overcome - and suggested Kinect would suffer the same problems.

"I think it depends if you believe that controller-less is necessarily better which I don't believe," he told T3.

"I created the technology for EyeToy which we made a controller-less device and it was really neat and it enabled new things but it is not the end-all, be-all in control, we entered limits with that and I think without a controller you run into limits of what you can enable".

He added: "You can do things like track the whole body, you can have dancing and exercise but a lot of the core gameplay ideas that we want to see happen and want to enable just weren't possible with only a camera. We would have done that, we look at as much as we could do with just a camera but it wasn't the right choice we felt".

PlaySation MOVE will be released in the EU on September 15, the US on September 19 and Japan on September 25.


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