Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Uniloc Sues Sony, Activision Blizzard & Aspyr Over Copy Protection

Sony, Activision Blizzard are a handful of other publishers are being sued by Uniloc - a company that specialises in computer security and copy protection initiatives.

The qualm is based on the publishers allegedly infringing on Uniloc's patents for what is essentially digital rights management (DRM).

Ready for the legal mumbo-jumbo?

Uiloc claims that the defendants "directly and/or indirectly infringed at least one claim of the '216 patent" by "among other things, making, using, offering for sale, selling and/or importing a system, device and/or method for reducing software piracy, reducing casual copying and/or reducing the unauthorized use of software, including without limitation."

As a result this has "caused reparable and irreparable damage to Uniloc and Uniloc will continue to suffer damage for which remedies at law are inadequate unless each defendant is enjoined."

DRM has been a thorn in gamer's sides since the dawn of DRM, it's even splitting publishers and developers down the middle as to whether it does more harm than good to the industry.

Oddly BLizzard itself said that relying on DRM is 'a losing battle' in May, saying that great content was the best weapon against piracy.


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