Monday, June 26, 2006

More Than Meets The Eye Toy.

Gaming site has revealed some interesting news regarding Sony's PlayStation 3 Eye Toy. According to a "MegaGames Friend" Sony still has an ace of innovation up their sleeve. This ace is called 'Prime Sense'.

Prime Sense is defined as: "A device, which allows a computer to perceive the world in 3D and derive an understanding of the world based on sight, just the way humans do.

"The article goes on to say that, "The device includes a sensor, which sees a user (including their complete surroundings), and a digital component, or "brain" which learns and understands user movement within those surroundings".

"Prime Sense’s interactive device can see, track and react to user movements outside the computer, all without change of environment or wearable equipment for the end user. The closed device is plug and play and platform independent".

So how does all this information about Prime Sense tie in with the PS3? All we can say is that the Next-Gen Eye Toy will be smart. It will be able to recognize the user, his/her entire environment and their movements, then incorporate those recognitions into console gaming.

If this source proves true, Sony could very well have all the innovation they need to steal Nintendo's spot in the limelight.

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