Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What lies Under the PS3 Trunk?

The PS3 has been causing waves eversince it was first introduced last year. And Sony has caused fanboys to even be more excited with their Next-Gen Console when they offically announced it in this year's E3.
Official specs have been revealed but this didn't stop the video gaming public from speculating that there may still be some PS3 features Sony hasn't announced and that more can still be expected from the upcoming console.Sean Nunan was one of them.

Looking at the PS3 and seeing a trunk-like flap (highlighted in red in the image above) at the front of the console, he became curious about a couple of things: Does it open? If yes, how? And what lies beneath? Sean Nunan may be one creative genius because his questions led him to come up with a few mock-ups of what must be underneath that trunk. Here are his speculations...

Removing the flap

Speculation 1: Trunk cover is removed by sliding it from the unit.

Speculation 2: Just like the trunk of a car, the flap is flipped up.

What's underneath it?

Speculation 1: memory Stick and SD Card slots.

Speculation 2: A card slot for the Sony Online Network where all your account details like balance is stored.

Something about the side buttons.

Speculation 1: The On/Off and Disk Eject buttons are feather touch sensitive.

I'm pretty sure, other fans have been questioning about the trunk as well; or if not, these ideas from Sean Nunan may surely open up a lot of other bright inputs.

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