Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Date Set For PS3 VF5 In Japan.

The Japanese PlayStation 3 drought will end early on in the new year. Sega announced today a final Japanese date of February 8, 2007 for the arcade to PS3 port of Virtual Fighter 5.

At its release, VF5 will arguably be the biggest PS3 title to date. Sega, apparently realizing the high profile nature of the title, will be charging a tax inclusive 8,190 yen. This is about 1,000 yen higher than Japan's standard going rate for PS2 titles (2,000 yen more than Sony 1st party games).

Those who pre-order will get a bit extra for their cash. Sega will be giving away, as a bonus, the PS2-compatible Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary game. This title, which was orginally included in Enterbrain's Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary Memory of Decade, includes the original Virtua Fighter, updated with Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution gameplay systems.

Arcade purists will have to bear with the Six Axis for a week. Sega will follow the release of VF5 with the 2/15 release of the Virtua Stick High Grade arcade stick. The peripheral will retail for the tax-inclusive price of 7,329 yen.

Sega has yet to comment on release plans for the US versions of both VF5 and the arcade stick.

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