Thursday, December 21, 2006

Radical New Controller Headed To PS3.

Screw the Wiimote! If you want a really radical controller, check out the EdgeFX which is now available for the PS2 and "will be available soon" for the PS3.

"The EdgeFX has a right hand optical mouse controller and gaming pad with a detachable left hand controller. During game play, the left hand controller is used to move while the right rumble-mouse is used to shoot, look left, right, up and down. The EdgeFX allows you to move at maximum speeds and then instantly slow down for precision targeted shooting when the focus button is pressed".

Yeah, awesome


Zucas said...

Wiimote owns this haha.

ramunematt said...

Wiimote totally owns.

Anonymous said...

Guys the Wiimote sucks.