Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Asda Set To Sell PS2's For £50.

MCV has learnt that Asda is to slash the price of PlayStation 2 consoles to just £49 tomorrow morning in its latest eye-catching deal on electrical equipment.

The details of the offer are still unclear, but what is known is that the deal will be limited to a set number of consoles in the chain’s 316 stores. The units will go on sale when Asda’s electrical department opens tomorrow morning – 7.30am in most stores.

One Asda store assistant told MCV: "Yes, we will be selling PS2s for 50 quid tomorrow morning. But I'd get here as early as you can if I were you. We're expecting a massive response once word gets out – and we've only got a certain number available".

It follows a similarly headline-grabbing deal run by the firm last month, when it offered a DVD player for just £9.

Meanwhile, has started selling the core Xbox 360 console for £150 – a full £50 cheaper that the model’s RRP. Rival Amazon has also cut its price on the console to £189.99.


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