Monday, February 12, 2007

Register Your Euro PS3 And Get Casino Royale Blu-ray Movie Free.

Bond's gone all Blu-ray for the European of launch of PS3. The first half a million console owners that register for the PlayStation Network will be rewarded with a Blu-ray version of his latest martini-swigging gun shooting flick Casino Royale.

While it might have missed out on Best Picture award at last night's BAFTAs, Casino Royale is still the most successful Bond film of all time - grossing more than $560 million at the box office.

For the Blu-ray release you get a "ground breaking collection of added-value features in 1080p high definition visual quality, and with uncompressed audio features for the best possible audio experience". Plus, if you're so inclined, you can keep looking at that bit where Daniel Craig goes topless.

Darren Carter, VP brand and consumer marketing said: "We are offering the phenomenal incentive of Casino Royale, on Blu-ray disc, to PS3 owners who register on the PlayStation Network. Casino Royale not only makes the most of the features and capabilities of the Blu-ray format, but is one of the most exciting and entertaining movies to debut on Blu-ray this year." Yeah, if you don't count 50 First Dates!

Don’t assume that because you’ve pre-registered via the website for Player ID that you will automatically be signed up for the Casino Royale Promotion. To get Casino Royale you must connect your PS3 to the network and register your console.


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