Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New PS3 SKU's Hit Retail.

40GB Model and new 60Gb bundles arrive on the high street

After the numerous price reductions and new SKUs that Sony has introduced in its PS3 hardware range across all its global territories, today marks the arrival of the new-look PS3 offer at UK retail.

Gamers looking to snap up Sony’s console can from today can choose between the 40GB model at £299.99 and the reduced price 60GB model at £349.99 – down from its previous price of £424.99.

For those who need reminding, the new 40GB model is slightly different to the previous machine Sony had on the market – as well as the reduced storage space, it also lacks the integrated memory card reader, two USB ports and its PS2 backwards compatibility.

The 60GB model remains fully-featured, and depending on which retailer gamers visit will come bundled with two games from a large selection of titles including Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Formula One: Championship Edition and Resistance: Fall of Man.


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