Friday, October 19, 2007

Sony Pumps £1m Into Ratchet TV Campaign.

Prime time Saturday night spots secured as SCEE gets behind ‘benchmark PS3 title’.

Sony is backing upcoming PS3 title Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction with a million pound TV campaign throughout the gifting season.

The platform holder has heralded the game as a ‘benchmark’ release for PS3 owners, and set its sights on a target demographic that covers the whole family.

"The ad will target 16-34 year olds, with a focus on Saturday night family programming, which draws upon a broad demographic of viewers, matching Ratchet And Clank’s target audience," Sony product manager Lucy Garnett told MCV.

"One of the strongest aspects of Ratch & Clank, has to be the quality of the visuals, and we wanted to showcase this in the TV ad, meaning it'll be made up of actual gameplay footage".

The megabucks TV campaign will kick off on November 16th and last for a full month.

This will be agumented with a wide-ranging online push, which will include heavyweight coverage on gaming sites including Gamespot, Games Radar, Eurogamer and TVG.

Sony promises that the title will also enjoy a strong presence on broader reach site such as Yahoo, Channel 4 and Sky Sports, to target a more mainstream audience.

"the title marries Shrek-style humour with a detailed and fun storyline to produce what we believe to be a benchmank PS3 title," added Garnett.

"It's this variety and depth that we hope will make it equally to young and old, novice or hardcore gamers, and people who want a title that can really showcase what the PS3 is capable of".


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