Friday, November 02, 2007

EU & US PlayStation Store Update 1st Oct 2007

EU PlayStation Store Update:

Full Games:
Tori Emaki - £1.99
Feel Ski - £4.99
Mesmerize - £1.99

Game Demos:
Juiced 2: HIN
PES 2008

Game Video's:
Motorstorm Revenge Weekend Trailer
PS Eye Trailer Lair Trailer
Uncharted Behind The Scenes
Eye Of Judgement Trailers

Movie & Blu-ray Trailers:
Alien vs Predator requiem
Hitman Movie Trailer

Uncharted Wallpaper

US PlayStation Store Update:

PS3/PSP Games:
Twisted Metal 2

Game Demos:
NFS: ProStreet

Add On:
The Godfather

Game Video's:
Uncharted "Massive" trailer
GT5 Prologue TGS video
NFS ProStreet TV spot
Burnout "Annihilator" trailer
Burnout "Hawker" trailer
Burnout "Roadster" trailer
Beowulf the game trailer
Playstation Eye video

Movie & Blu-ray Trailers:
The Bucket List trailer
Close Encounters BD trailer

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