Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010: Sony Reveals Move Release Date And Pricing

At Sony's E3 Media Briefing, Peter Dille revealed the worldwide launch dates and pricing for the company's new motion control peripheral. Move will hit Europe on September 15, North America on September 19, and Japan on October 21.

The Move controller will be available for $49.99, and the Navigation controller will retail for $29.99. If you don't already have a PlayStation Eye, a bundle will be offered that includes one Move controller, an Eye, and a copy of Sports Champion. The bundle will retail for $99.99.

A console bundle will also be available for $399.99. This will include a 250GB PS3 Slim, Sports Champion, a Move controller, and a PlayStation Eye.

Dille announced that there will be between 15-20 games available at launch and more than 40 out by the Holiday season. Some of the highlighted Move games listed were Ruse, NBA 2K11, EyePet, Killzone 3, and more. Several legacy games will also support Move through downloadable patches, including Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

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