Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PS3 - Cross Game Chat Leaked?

Following the news of the launch of PlayStation Plus, the premium PSN service, eagle eyed visitors to some foreign language EU sites noticed mention of Cross-Game-Chat for subscribers.

The new service, launching later this month promises subscribers additional features as well as free exclusive content and discounts, but one of the most anticipated features was omitted from the announcement and inclusion on the UK and US PlayStationPlus sites.

However, visitors to the, as directed by sony, led them to be redirected to a local page in their native language - except for one ominous point:

Cross-game Voice Chat: invite your friends to chat online no matter what game you’re all playing, even if they aren’t members of PlayStation Plus.
This seems to us like more than just a simple mistake, could this be a genuine slip-up or an early information leak? See the image below for yourself and make your own minds up.

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