Monday, January 08, 2007

US PS3 Shipments Hit 1m Mark.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that 1 million PS3 units were shipped across North America in the six weeks following launch - breaking the record previously set by PS2.

SCEA did not reveal the number of units sold through to consumers, but countered rumours that there is a surplus of stock in some areas by observing that "PS3 has been selling out at retail outlets across North America" since the console's November 17 launch.

It's this high consumer demand, according to Sony, which has driven PS3 to hit the 1 million mark in a shorter timeframe than both the original PlayStation and PS2.

"SCEA went to great lengths to help meet demand for PS3, including airlifting systems into North America on a weekly basis to ensure a steady stream of units were available to consumers throughout the holiday season," said SCEA boss Jack Tretton.

"The fact that we were able to reach the one-million mark faster than our top-selling platform, PS2, further validates the strength of the PlayStation brand and our belief that consumers are ready to experience true high-definition gaming".

According to Tretton, 2007 "will be about software and delivering innovative, new experiences and award-winning franchises to consumers", through both traditional retail channels and the PlayStation online network.

Sony originally said it would ship 2 million PS3 units to North America and Japan by the end of 2006, but Tretton later admitted that this figure was "more of a target" due to problems with the manufacturing process.

The number of PS3s shipped to Japan so far is not known, but it's thought that around 80,000 units were on shop shelves for launch day.


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