Wednesday, January 31, 2007

65nm CELL Processor Production Started.

Sony Computer Entertainment has started production on the previously announced 65nm CELL processor. All PlayStation 3 units so far have a 90nm processor inside, but this will change soon. As it seems Sony has started the massproduction of the 65nm processor, and this will have a few advantages.

First of all, this will mean a price cut for Sony on every PlayStation 3 sold. This is because the 65nm CELL processor is cheaper than the 90nm processor.

And second, this means a heat reduction for the Playstation 3.

Also this 'new' processor is not only for the PlayStation 3, it's will also be used for more Sony or Toshiba products.

Whether this new 65nm processor will be in all PlayStation 3 units at the European launch is unknown. We expect Sony to announce this in the coming months. Don't expect a price drop though, because Sony will still lose a lot of money with this 'new' processor.


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