Monday, January 15, 2007

March 23 Euro Launch Date Likely For PS3.

TBWA has told that the UK advertising campaign for PS3 will begin towards the end of March - supporting suggestions from a senior retail source that the console will launch on the 23rd.

Last month, SCEE boss David Reeves confirmed that the PS3 is still on track to reach Europe in March, despite rumours to the contrary. However, Sony has yet to reveal an official date and price point for launch.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for advertising agency TBWA said the marketing campaign for the console "launches towards the end of March" - which would suggest that an early March date is unlikely.

That's been backed up by a retail source who told, "It's safe to assume that the PS3 launch will be towards the end of the month. My money is on the 23rd".

The source also confirmed reports that Sony is set to announce the final details of the launch within the next fortnight.


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