Friday, January 12, 2007

Get It On At The PS3 Cell Hack-A-Thon.

Terra Soft Solutions will host HPC Consortium's first-ever PS3 Cell processor "hack-a-thon" on January 20-26 at the company's headquarters in Loveland, Colorado.

The hack-a-what?

It's basically a week-long event where researchers from all over the planet convene to "port science and engineering applications to the Cell processor and create the initial knowledge base of Cell-optimized code." The hack-a-thon will be composed of fast-paced coding, Cell-centric software development instruction, and personal support from industry experts.

Event participants will enjoy opening day presentations, daily tutorials, assistance and even online support from support from IBM, Mercury, and RapidMind. On top of that, PS3s, Mercury and IBM Cell products will also be available on-site. The hack-a-thon also promises to offer a creative (and comfy) atmosphere, as it will be supported by home-cooked catering, a continuous flow of warm beverages, skiing, indoor/outdoor rock climbing and a hot tub after a long day and evening of coding.

Sounds just like techno-geek heaven, doesn't it?

Anyone who wants to learn about programming for the Cell processor is invited, free of charge. However, availability of slots is limited due to the number of available Cell systems and facility accommodations. For more info, just click on the "Read" link below!


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