Wednesday, November 01, 2006

David Jaffe Renames 'Criminal Crackdown' To 'Calling All Cars'.

God of War architect David Jaffe revealed at his New Blog that his PS3 arcade title Criminal Crackdown has been renamed to "Calling All Cars".

Here's Jaffe's explaination of why the name changed:

We were in a mad rush to reveal the game at GAMER'S DAY a few weeks back and all the legal checks had not yet come down giving us permission to use that name. Unlike some other companies that seem to have no problem giving their games titles that SOUND pretty darn close to other games, Sony likes to give us as much room as possible between our game names and other game names. Which is nice. But challenging as well because there have been ALOT of video games made over the last 30-35 years so it makes it tough to find a name that is fresh and appropriate and fun, while at the same time being something that will not get you thrown into a court room.

Jaffe also mentions that Twisted Metal and God of War both had their names changed before the developmental dust settled.


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