Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Killzone PS3 To Have 120 Developers.

Guerilla Games have confirmed that Killzone PS3 will cost more to develop than the most expensive file in Dutch history, Black Book. The movie cost $21 million to develop, and Killzone director Arjan Brussee was quoted on saying, ""Our budget tops Black Book. We're working on the biggest multimedia project in Dutch history".

The high cost for the game is due to the labor invested into the graphically demanding next-gen video games. "Work that used to take someone a week now takes him a month" said Brussee. There are 120 developers working on Killzone PS3, which is three times more than the amount of people who work on the first installation for the game. Half of the development team is from outside the Netherlands. The other factor which is making the game expensive to develop is the location of it. Killzone PS3 will be available in twenty different languages. Brussee feels this will pay off in the long run, "You sell 30 to 40 percent more [units] with a translated version."


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