Thursday, November 16, 2006

US Gamers Wait For PlayStation 3.

North American gamers have been queuing for hours to get their hands on Sony's PlayStation 3 games console.

400,000 PS3's go on sale on Friday, following its debut in Japan last week.

Many shops will open at midnight to sell the console, which costs $499 (£264) to $599 depending on the model.

Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony's American games division said: "We're going to try and get as many units into the North American market as possible".

'Lead time'

He added: "Usually most companies would boat the product in, but we're actually chartering airplanes to bring them into the North American market to try to shorten that lead time, so we get as many units into the hands of consumers as possible".

Some gamers have been queuing for days outside shops, but others have been more enterprising.

"There are people that are very interested in a PlayStation and could not be here, so I'm representing them," Shelle Bloom, who is getting paid to queue for someone else outside a shop in New York, told the Associated Press.

In New York gamer, Sean Marshall said: "I took three days off work, so if my boss finds out, I get fired, but PlayStation 3 is worth it".

About 400,000 consoles have been made available for the North American launch, four times the number on sale in Japan last week where there were reports of homeless people being paid to queue for the console.

European gamers have to wait until March next year before being able to buy the machine.


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