Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sony Offers PS3 Airlift.

Sony has moved to assure retailers that more PS3 stock is on its way.

The company says new shipments will arrive on a weekly basis through the end of the Holiday selling season. An undisclosed quantity was reportedly distributed out to retail at the end of last week; inevitably selling out immediately.

Sony has been battered by shortage problems since the launch of PS3. It now appears highly unlikely that the firm reached its target of 400,000 units at launch, with one analyst estimating initial shipments as low as 125,000.

Sony is aiming to hit one million units ‘shipped’ by the end of this year, although this would effectively mean double the launch shipment every week. Although manufacturing capacity is increasing exponentially, and the launch has been pretty much free of technical problems, it looks like a stretch to believe that a million units will be in consumer-hands by the New Year.


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