Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sony: "Several Bundles" Coming For PlayStation Move

At their GDC press conference, Sony announced that they will be selling a bundle consisting of a PlayStation Eye, a PlayStation Move and a motion-controlled game. Kyle Shubel, managing producer at Sony has now clarified what was meant by that stating that there will be "several bundles."

"We are going to have several bundles that encompass the major tiers. For example, if you're looking at SOCOM being a hardcore game, and Eyepet being a family game, and Move party being a social game, those may be the three bundles," said Shubel.

He was quick to note that these were not the exact details regarding the bundles, but that there will be bundles which appeal to different audiences, and no one will be forced to buy a bundled game that they do not like.

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