Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sony Expecting To Sell 2.5 Million 3DTV's This Year

Sony Expects to sell 2.5 million 3DTV's this fiscal year which ends 31st March 2011.

Competitors Samsung and Panasonic are expected to start selling their 3DTV's slightly earlier than Sony, So Sony has alot to work towards.

Sony are however, backing 3D with much more force than either of it's competitors. Early this year Sony announced a joint venture with Discovery Communications and IMAX to build a 24-hour 3-D television network.

Sony also has exclusive rights to film the World Cup in 3D, which is bount to push sales of 3DTV's through the roof.

In addition to this, Sony has over 30 million 3D capable PS3's in people home's already. The next PS3 Fimware release rumoured to be coming in June, is expected to add support for 3D games/3d Blu-rays and other 3d content.

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