Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Video Walkthrough Of '3D Dot Game Heroes'

3D Dot Game Heroes is an interesting take on the retro revival as it's more of a retro roast. It's a mash-up of classic adventure and RPG games (mostly The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest) and pokes fun at several other franchises. You don't have to be a big retro fan to get all the jokes though, as half of them are sword-as-penis jokes, which never go out of fashion.

In his new video walkthrough of the game, Atlus PR Manager Aram Jabbari says it has over 100 loading screens that all parody classic games. "If it's an 8 or 16-bit classic that you grew up on, odds are that this game lampoons it and pays dear respect to it." He also spends a good amount of the video talking about the amazing graphics and how it takes full power and full advantage of the PlayStation 3.

3D Dot Game Heroes will be available on May 11th in North America for what Jabbari calls "the super-duper awesome price of $39.99". It will be available in Europe on May 14th.

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