Monday, March 22, 2010

PS3 Central: God Of War 3 Review

The story starts off directly where God Of War 2 left off, which Kratos on Gaia, who is climbing Mount Olympus with the rest of the Titans. The goal, to destroy Zeus, quickly takes a different turn though and Kratos is forced to jump through more loops to have his vengeance. While the overall scheme of things works well, the plot can become a bit muddled during the last quarter of the game. I will state though, that the ending is a hit or miss. Some will hate it, others will love it. I personally felt it was done right, maybe not good, but proper. It was the ending the series needed I believe. Just make sure you watch all of the credits.

Character interaction is vastly improved. Kratos is developed surprisingly well in this title, and shows he still retains a piece of humanity at his core. There are also conversations and chats between him and other characters, rather than Kratos expressing his rage then blindly killing everything. Overall, the plot and characters are a huge improvement over the previous titles of the series.

The game boasts a lot of replayability, especially in comparison to God of War 1 and 2. You can now collect items in the game, which are carried over to other saves, that give you abilities. Abilities such as unlimited magic, a third of received damage not being received, and gaining 10X the amount of red orbs. For fans of hack and slashers, or just most gamers in general, between the fantastic campaign and the unlockables, there is a great amount of replayability.

-Extra Notes-
The game runs at a very smooth framerate from between 30 and 60FPS. I can safely say I’ve seen seen a framerate drop of any kind. The loading screens are also fairly minimal, and there are no loading screens when transitioning between scenes and areas of the game. There are times when the screen will fade to black for a spare moment, but it shouldn’t bother anyone.

The animations in come parts could have been polished a lot more, but overall they are fine. I also wish there were more challenge rooms and unlockables, but it’s a small complaint.

~Final Thoughts~
One of the best games of this generation, or of all games. The campaign will blow you away, and it offers good amounts of replayability. Far better than the previous GoW titles, and it pretty much prefects everything about the series. Well worth the 60$$. Go buy the game. Now.

If I was forced to give it an overall score (I detest the score system), I’d rate it a very solid 9.5.

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