Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cheaper PS3 To Have Upgrades.

20Gb PlayStation 3 will be upgradeable, says Sony.Wi-Fi and memory card adaptors on the way.

Speaking to, Sony has dismissed rumours that the 20Gb PS3 will not be compatible with wireless controllers, and that consumers will not have the option to upgrade the hard drive.

"Both queries to my knowledge are completely false," a spokesperson told

"Both configurations will support bluetooth PS3 controllers.

The only non-upgradeable feature of the 20Gb configuration will be the HDMI output."

This confirms comments made by Sony's Phil Harrison in a recent interview with, where he stated: "You can upgrade to whatever size of drive you like. You can put in any drive that you like - it is a computer, after all."

The spokesperson went on to reveal that Sony plans to release a Wi-Fi adaptor for the 20Gb PlayStation 3. Consumers will also have the option to purchase a separate adaptor that will allow the use of memory sticks, SD cards and compact flash cards with the machine.

However, there's still no word as to whether the 20Gb PlayStation 3 will make it to the UK at all.

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