Friday, May 26, 2006

PS3 Most Wanted Next-Gen Console In The UK.

According to a poll by gadget magazine T3, the PS3 is officially the most wanted next-generation console. This is pretty surprising, since Sony's next Playstation console is still a whole 6 months away from launch. It just shows that the price of the PS3 is not putting off potential buyers.

Although no official figures were released, Sony's console triumphed over Nintendo's Wii, which took a close second place by a small fraction of the voting. Microsoft's Xbox360 didn't look so good, slipping in the popularity stakes by taking third place.

The Xbox360, which launched before christmas last year, scored less than half of the votes of it's rivals.

Its quite interesting to see the popularity growth of the Nintendo Wii. Ever since the launch of the original Sony Playstation, Nintendo hasn't fared that well in the console stakes. This polls suggests that the Wii is making a comeback, besting Microsoft by staying ahead it, and coming pretty close to current console top dog Sony. Could the Wii mark a rebirth for Nintendo? Only time will tell.

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