Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Virtua Fighter 5 To Be PS3 Exclusive.

Sega has announced that Virtua Fighter 5 is going to be hitting the next-gen console in spring of 2007. It has signed a deal with Sony that will make it an exclusive to Sony’s Playstation 3.

Sega has promised that they will take “true advantage” of the Playstation 3’s hardware capabilities. The next installment of Virtua Fighter will includes 2 new fighters and 17 fighters that fans of the series will be familiar with.

New features fans can expect include comprehensive character customization options that will give players the ability to attach a wide range of in-game items to body parts, a new “offensive move” that allows gamers to attack there opponent from the side, and a reward system that offers prizes and money."Virtua Fighter 5 will offer fans the ultimate next-generation fighting game experience. For years, the industry has talked about bringing the arcade experience to the living room. Virtua Fighter 5 fulfils this promise, and then some." Stated Scott Steinberg, VP Marketing of Sega of America.

Virtua Fighter 5 will fully support 720p resolution and a promising arcade experience on the Playstation 3.

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