Thursday, May 11, 2006

Playstation 3 Mimics PSP Menu Interface.

Power-up your PS3 and you'll be greeted by a PSP-style menu interface.All the icons are identical to those of its handheld counterpart,with movies(Hi-Def ones of course),music and web options all available.But the PS3's interface packs a couple of new additions.

First,is the 'Users' button which enables you to flick between profiles,suggesting that Sony is expecting each machine to be fought over by more than one member of the family.The other intriguing icon is a ‘Friends’ button. However, Sony hasn't been willing to give out any more info on how these systems will actually function at this early stage.

Another interesting snippet was confirmation that you’ll be able to use a keyboard and mouse with PS3, enabling you to easily browse the web on your telly.