Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Confusion Reigns Over Whether UK Will Get 20Gb PS3.

Following the announcement that Sony plans to launch two versions of the PlayStation 3, confusion is growing over whether UK consumers will have the option to purchase either model.

Both 20Gb and 60Gb versions are set to go on sale this November, priced at EURO 499 / 599 respectively. UK retailer Gamestation is already taking pre-orders for the 60GB model, which it has priced at GBP 424.99 - but there's no option to order the lower spec version.

Speaking to today, a Gamestation customer services representative from said: "It's our understanding that the 20GB version won't be released in the UK - at least not at the same time as the 60GB one."

A customer services representative from GAME told a slightly different story, stating: "I believe we'll be offering both."

However, the representative went on, "Nothing is set in stone."

A spokesperson from Sony declined to offer full clarification, stating: "We are still in planning and no further announcements have been made."
In an official statement, Sony said: "Following our announcements at E3, all sales teams are currently liasing with retailers/buyers to discuss projections and consumer demands for both the 20Gb/60Gb configurations of the PlayStation 3."

"SCE is looking to ship 2 million in the first 3 weeks of launch (and up to 6 million by end of FY07) and there is no official statements on shipments at a territory level as of yet."

Gamestation's official spokesperson has yet to respond to requests for comment.
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