Thursday, July 20, 2006

£150 PS3 Deposit Shock.

Consumers will have to pay a hefty £150 deposit to pre-order PS3 hardware, if a revolutionary new allocation scheme by Sony is introduced.

In an exclusive report published in tomorrow’s issue of MCV, it is revealed that the format holder is currently discussing the radical new plan with senior retail buyers as it looks to manage a limited initial hardware supply this Christmas.

The £150 deposit scheme is being considered to ensure that allocation can be more fairly managed. In particular, it is believed that Sony is looking to avoid the ‘eBay phenomenon’ that occurred with the launch of Xbox 360 whereby some consumers who managed to acquire more than one unit – on deposits as low as £5 – sold on their extra machines for well above the RRP.

Sony has confirmed that it is in talks with retail about the scheme.


Daledude said...

Deposit as in "You pay this amount just to get the pre-order, no refund" or "you get all this back as soon as you buy the PS3"

I really hope its the second.

_lashing_ said...

I thought the $150 would go towards the PS3 payment, so if you did this deposit, you would have $450 left to pay. (If buying the 60 gb version)

Ahhh, the confusion.

PS3 Fan said...

If your buying the PS3 in the first place why would you want your deposit back ,you would just pay the remaider