Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SCEA Exec Takes On New Role At Ubisoft.

With just months to go until the launch of the PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment America's developer relations manager, Mark DeLoura, has left the company to take on a new role at Ubisoft.

DeLoura was previously editor of Game Developer magazine and worked as a technical director for Nintendo of America before joining SCEA five years ago. He will now take on the role of technical director at Ubisoft's San Francisco office.

In a post on his blog, DeLoura stated that he had "a lot of mixed feelings" about his departure from Sony, adding: "So many things done, but so many things yet to do... I'll take my victories at Sony, the largest of which is our greatly expanded GDC presence.

"It will take a few weeks or months or years to get Sony out of my bones," DeLoura continued.

"In the meantime I will continue to wince each time I see a stupid quote, or bad press, or an analyst bad-mouthing my former employer".

According to SCEA, J. Patton will manage developer relations in DeLoura's absence. The company was keen to emphasise that relations will remain strong, observing that more than 10,000 dev kits have now been shipped to more than 200 studios around the globe.

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